Top NEO Price Predictions from Different Experts: NEO News Today

Majority of individuals in the crypto world these days are only after profits; after all, assumption is a major aspect of the crypto world. Concerning NEO price, the following three forecasts show some interesting potential findings as to what the future means for this coin.

Prediction 1: The Double Bottom Play

Several interesting technical evaluation terminologies are eminent when studying price prediction charts. BitcoinCompass from tradingview is routing for a double bottom for NEO’s value. If this comes to pass, then there will be a small rise for NEO to either $17.7 or $19.5.

Prediction 2: Shooting all the way to $3.74

It is common knowledge that currently the crypto market is experiencing several bears. It appears many individuals are more vigilant about seeing cryptocurrencies crumble in the coming days. Coinkilavuz predicts that the value of NEO will degrade to $3.7 before the end of 2018.

However, Coinkilavuz believes that this will only occur if NEO fails to go past the $21.2 mark. Based on this forecast, it appears very few individuals expected that price to be attained soon. Nevertheless, a decline of $3.7 appears extremely bearish. It will majorly be based on the other major price levels sustaining or failing to back the onslaught that may take place soon.

Prediction 3: The $12 Range Optimism  

Many people wish they could start investing in digital currencies at a lesser price compared to what they are currently valued. This claim particularly applies in the case of Bitcoin, though it appears there is a like wish across NEO enthusiasts and investors. Kryptowavetrader demonstrates this claim well with his forecast. He projects that NEO will decline to $12 in the coming days.

This will come to pass since NEO is apparently trailing the value trend of Ethereum. Due to this, Kryptowavetrader strongly believes the present NEO price has not attained stability yet. He suggests that the crypto market will give way to another leg down that will further degrade the price of NEO to $12.

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