Tron Releases TronWeb for a Consolidated, Smooth and Consistent Development Experience

On 19th September 2019, the Tron Foundation tweeted that they were launching TronWeb, a front-end JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API), which will link customers’ projects to the Tron blockchain.

“Today we are releasing TronWeb, a front-end JavaScript API that connects your project to the Tron Blockchain, equivalent to Ethereum Web3.js.”

The Tron Foundation further expressed its sincere gratitude to its engineers and hinted that extra developer tools are on the way coming.

TronWeb Vs Wen3.js

The Tron Foundation compared the TronWeb to the Ethereum JavaScript API known as Web3.js. This is a blend of libraries that enable clients to connect with a remote Ethereum node by use of an HTTP or IPC (Inter-process Communication) link. The JavaScript API applies the Generic JSON RSC spec.

More Projects

Apart from the TronWeb report, the Foundation also said that soon they will launch another tool known as TronBox. These two tools are projected to facilitate effective creation of dApps by engineers hence contributing to Tron’s growth and development.

TronWeb for a Consolidated, Smooth and Consistent Development Experience

The Tron Foundation stated that its is determined to offer a consolidated, smooth and consistent development experience through TronWeb, which is a direct impact of Ethereum’s Web3 application.

Additionally, Tron engineers have enhanced Web3’s core to crack the functionality which contains Tron’s basic characteristics. The team is also determined to invent extra tools, which will permit the incorporation of dApps with browsers, Node.js, and IoT instruments.

TronWeb’s Compatibility Feature

Concerning compatibility, TronWeb is developed for version six of the Node.js runtime and other latest versions. TronWeb is also well-suited with browsers comprising more than 0.25% of the market stake and can also be transmitted via a Chrome extension. The Foundation further said that the API is appropriate for frontend frameworks like Angular and React.

In conclusion, both the TronWeb and the TronBox tools are additions which will be offered by the Tron Virtual Machine that was launched on 30th August 2018. According to trusted sources, Tron developers are also developing a new depository where inventors will obtain any information related to the Tron blockchain.

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