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There is a bearish trend in the crypto market. Top 9 cryptocurrencies are all dropping, one of them being Ripple’s XRP with more than 6%. The price of EOS [EOS] are challenging to sellers for an upward trend to remain over $5.1.


Prior to the last week’s crash in the crypto market, the price of EOS was over $6. And after the crash, its price turned to $5. Having a bullish trend, the coin is trying to recover. There is a resistance at $5.15. Although the level $4.9 is supported, this support level appear to have hard times with the increasing pressure from sellers.


Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)

At press time, its virtual asset had lost a value of 1.56% in relation to BTC. Now, EOS equals to an approximate 0.000790 BTC.

Price Forecast for EOS [EOS] for 2018, 2020

This digital asset was predicted to reach $150 as of 2020 by InvestingPr.

Smartereum indicates that the experts are saying that the coin might reach the level of 37$ by the end of 2018. Crypto’s five-year prediction is about $143.

CoinSwitcsh predicts that its virtual value will reach $11 by the end of 2018. It is mostly believed that the coin will hit $95 by mid-2020 and drop to $56.25 by the end of the year.

Latest EOS [EOS] Updates

  • Providing cryptocurrency security and infrastructure solutions, on Tuesday, Ledger emphasized that along with six other digital assets, EOS would be now supported on their hardware wallet, Ledger Nano S. This company also develops individual and corporate blockchain apps, and on the first Tuesday of each month, it commonly releases new third-party coin apps.
  • OKeX announced that the margin trading pairs EOS/USDT and EOS/BTC were introduced on its exchange. OKEx highlighted that this attitude is intended for meeting the public demand and contribute to the liquidity.
  • The EOS blockchain is attempting to draw the attention of users to its platform. On Thursday, EOS New York announced that 15 block producers, one of them being EOS New York’s own, have agreed on a new protocol update. In this respect, the costs for opening an account will be declined by 25% for new users with this update, EOS 1.2.1.


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