The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies’ Price Predictions: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, and Dash

Although digital currencies are currently experiencing a bear market, crypto enthusiasts and investors are still optimistic of a market pull run. A study carried out by the Satis Group predicts the crypto trading volume to swell by almost 50% in 2019. The group further suggests a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% till 2028.

Besides, tech giants are doing push-ups for digital currencies. Recently, Google moderately overturned its advertisement prohibition for crypto exchanges operating in the US and Japan. The fundamentals of the crypto markets are getting better and investors are likely to venture more once an established green bottom is set.

Below are detailed analysis and predictions of the top ten cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin (BTC) was unable to cling to the $6583.46 support mark and declined to $6341 on 25th September 2018. If the coin declines beyond $6341, it will land in the critical support region of $5900 to $6075. BTC is currently striving to break above 46583.46 once again. An increase beyond this mark will invalidate its bearish trend giving way to short coverings.

The BTC/USD pair should gain momentum above $7413.46 and swiftly scale to $8566.4 soon.


Ethereum has gone below the 20-day EMA but is striving to cling to the $200 zone. A further decline will see it trading between $192.5 to $167.32. On the other side, the ETH/USD pair will encounter resistance at the 20-day EMA and the 50-day SMA. Although its trend line is down, its 20-day EMA is stretching, indicating that panic selling is declining.


Ripple is experiencing a fresh upward move. The unsloping moving averages and the RSI near to the overbought zone show that buyers have an edge soon. Currently, the heightened levels are gaining in value and after such a volatile run, the XRP/USD pair may reach a consolidation phase, before recommencing its upward trend.


After experiencing losses in the present pullback, BCH showed a significant upward trend on 26th September. If the coin thrives in breaking (UTC time frame) beyond the channel, again to $660 is possible.


Although EOS is currently range bound, it is fraught to cling to its support at the moving averages. A break of the 50-day SMA can initiate a decline to $4.493. EOS will be back to its downward trend if the bears go below $4.493. thus, traders and investors should maintain their long positions with stops at $4.4


Stellar declined below its critical support of $0.24987525, on 25th and 26th September. In both instances, the 20-day EMA offered a stable support. The market bulls will again attempt to break out of the downward trend zone of the descending triangle. If all goes well, a rebound of the 23rd September intraday high of $0.30434761 will be imminent.


Currently, Litecoin is within the range bound of $49.466 and $69.279. Since the last trend that initiated its consolidation declined, we must be patient for a break out to forecast a change in the move. Any remarkable break down from this zone will signal its downtrend.

LTC’s moving averages have flattened and its RSI is near the midpoint. This indicates an equilibrium between demand and supply.


Cardano is trying to move out of its support zone of $0.071355. It seems that the coin will again attempt to break out of its 50-day SMA and the intraday high of 23rd September. Its 20-day EMA has flattened and its RSI is adjacent to the neutral level. This suggests that the selling has subsided, but buyers have not returned yet. Hence, the coin is projected to create a range for some days before assuming a new upward trend.


The bulls have been hanging on the 20-day EMA for the last three days, but they have not driven the value higher. XMR has a stable support between its 20-day EMA and its 50-day SMA.

A sharp rise from the present levels can drive the coin to $128.650 and subsequently to $142.710.


DASH is presently range bound, with its moving averages flattened and its RSI nearing the neutral zone. This raises the probability of the coin stagnating within the limits of $130.024 and $224.830. the lengthier the time taken in the range, the stronger the ultimate breakout from it.

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