The Reason Behind That Soon EOS Will Hit $20

Recently, EOS was surrounded by a lot of misperception and argument and got a lot of flake for the issue around its governance and mediators. Conversely, being a favorite among the experts, exceeding bitcoin in transaction processing and continuous Dapp developments, EOS is ahead for a good future no doubt.

As the chart for EOS/USD shows, the cryptocurrency achieved to make a new all time high even during the bearish market! This shocked a lot of folks but when you take into account the large supply of Eos (EOS) tokens being controlled by its founders and creators, it is easy to understand in this perspective. Unlike projects like Ethereum Classic (ETC), Cardano (ADA) and Lisk (LSK) that have solid use instances and are more concerned about the project than the value, Eos (EOS) is more of a get rich quick scheme not just for the investors but also for its founders. The architect behind the project, Dan Larimer is known for jumping from one project to another. Most people in the crypto community might not know that the founder of EOS (EOS), Dan Larimer, is also the founder of Bitshares and Steemit!

In other words, Dan Larimer is the guy to stick to if you want to chase a get rich quick scheme, because he is good at creating fancy projects, getting the funding for them, and then aborting them to move on to the next cash cow. In spite of this, if you are looking for a stable project that develops into something consequential over time, Eos (EOS) may not be the one. That being said, I have no doubt at all that Eos (EOS) will continue to see huge gains during the upcoming bull run, because creating excitement is very easy in this market. You use your $4 billion war chest to catalyst some interest , the next thing you know 200 buy orders are lined up in a split second waiting to take it higher from there.

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Is there a possibility that EOS (EOS) end the year above $20? Unquestionably, it might end up even higher than this. $4 billion dollars for development of a platform like EOS (EOS) is so much money. However, there has to be the will, resolve and foresight behind it to take it to where it needs to be. I have faith in Eos (EOS) had a very successful ICO and they have a great communal of investors but I think craving is going to get in the way of progress on this one.

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