NEO Price looks to Bounce Back After Tough Months

The positive momentum athwart all cryptocurrency appears to be increasing as more time progresses. That is always a good signal, especially when the weekend looms around the corner. For NEO price watchers, things are looking very assuring right now, courtesy of a fresh 10% gain earlier today. This uptrend caps off a week-long effort of maintaining robust improvements.

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NEO Price Aims to $20

The year 2018 hasn’t been kind to NEO or any other cryptocurrency. Massive losses have been continued, and there hasn’t been any solid long-term uptrend to take note of. Gradually but surely, things appear to be changing in favor of the different cryptocurrencies on the market. The NEO price, for instance, currently notes a powerful 10% upsurge after dropping from $165 to $14.5 since January this year.

The NEO price is looking to exceed the $20 level for the first time for a while. As the weekend is almost upon the crypto trading industry, outstanding such a level of resistance would cause an interesting enhancement in the cryptocurrency world moving forward. There are still a lot of opportunities in this industry, and the year 2018 is far from over.

Cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts admit this positive momentum comes at the most fitting time. Crypto Canon confirms many altcoins show an indication of setback, although ensuring these trends hang around in place will be a different matter overall. Bitcoin is looking stronger, which usually promises well for all of the altcoins as fit.

Crypto_one_time is keeping a close eye on all of the cryptocurrency markets over the past week. The French cryptocurrency enthusiast validates the NEO price rise was to be projected, as some positive momentum started preparing earlier in the week. The same applies to most other cryptocurrencies in the top 20 as well, however Dash, Tezos, and VeChain are in agony from small losses over the past seven days.

According to charts on TradingView, it seems things are looking very healthy for the NEO price as well. Crypto_Terminal_Chris is poised NEO is on the rise and will continue to see some positive momentum over the next few days. There may very well be a small pullback preceding to surpassing $20, although it endures to be seen what the future will hold for this particular altcoin.

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