WhatsAround Review: How I Made 100 ShotCoins Just Doing What I Love?

By: Rex (Kwon Doge) Mackall, creator of www.Borkchain.com

Being on social media can feel like a job that you don’t get paid for sometimes. You’re creating content for billion dollar companies to profit further from with no reward to you. After not being on Twitter for a while, I decided to give it a go again. My intrigue and wonder for all things Cryptocurrency and Blockchain led me to following as many of the crypto “Whales” and publications that I could in order to learn as much as I could. I’m no expert, but I absorb as much information as I can, likening myself to a sponge.

I came across a gentleman named Salih Sarikaya, the Editor-in-Chief of Smartereum and Co-Founder of an app I had never heard of called #WhatsAround. I enjoyed his content and I had to know what this app was all about. Curious, I messaged him and asked what it was. He said it was a new social media platform that rewards you in cryptocurrency for using it. I was immediately intrigued as I had just signed back into #Minds to find out that they had finally joined the Ethereum Blockchain. Which was something I had been waiting for since I joined Minds in 2015. I quickly realized I had stumbled upon the counterpart to Minds with WhatsAround. Minds is like Facebook but supported by Blockchain and against censorship. It’s not Censored Media, it’s what true Social Media should be. WhatsAround is what I like to call: a mix between Foursquare and Instagram. It’s a place to share your original photos on an Ethereum Blockchain powered platform.

The premise is simple. You take shots of your life and what’s around you using the app. It uses the location from your phone to give rewards for being the first to take a shot in that place or area. However, that’s only the beginning of the ways to earn.

Let me break it down for you. You earn #Shotpoints that accumulate into WhatsAround’s native coin #Shotcoin. You can then use those Shotcoins to purchase Ethereum, PayPal Cash and Gift Cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Google Play and the App Store.

Here’s how you earn:

  • Upvotes on your Shots
  • Bookmarks (what I like to call the ultimate compliment. When someone bookmarks your Shot, it is them saving it to their profile for their friends to see)
  • Your votes on other Shots
  • Your bookmarks
  • Shots you comment on
  • Being the first to take a Shot in specific locations
  • Inviting friends
  • Moving up levels (I’m a level 6 and already have friends I’ve invited at a higher level than me)
  • Those friends uploading their first profile picture
  • Those friends updating their bio for the first time
  • Those friends moving up levels
  • AND soon we’ll have weekly or daily Photo Challenges

The big monopoly Censored Media Platforms steal your data and sell it. They don’t care about the effect this has on its users. They steal from us instead of rewarding us for using their platform. Just like Bitcoin and Blockchain was created at the EXACT time we needed it most: during the 2008 Financial Crisis.

WhatsAround and apps alike have been created using Blockchain Technology to save us from the data crisis we’re seeing today. The added benefit is rewarding us to use it.

I’m grateful that I was able to find Salih and for him formally introducing me to WhatsAround. My wife, my friends and people I’ve only just met have been enjoying this revolutionary social media platform. Here’s my link so you can check it out for yourself: https://www.whatsaround.com/signup/xnrjG

Join me at WhatsAround and share, what’s around you!

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