Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction for 2018: Three Experts Share their Views – Mon Oct 1

There are still several enthusiasts, experts, and investors who strongly believe that BCH will overtake BTC at some point in future. In the cryptocurrency space, nothing is impossible till confirmed otherwise. Below are three bold BCH predictions that suggest an interesting future, as seemingly all the three crypto experts foresee an exponential price appreciation of BCH.

The $485 Struggle

In the last two weeks, all digital currencies got a significant nudge. The upward trend enabled the BCH value to march towards the $500 level once more. Though the price has deteriorated like never, there is a significant motive behind the current trend. A trader by the name Botje11 forecasted such trend would take place, whereas $485 would appear to be a point of possible resistance.

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Supposing the resistance is overcome positively, chances are high that the value of BCH will reach $525 soon. However, this relies on how the whole crypto markets develop.

Triple Bottom $545

It seems there is a small number of BCH speculators who have realistic anticipations currently. A rise in BCH’s value to $545 cannot necessarily be excluded based on what has taken place in the last two weeks. If the BCH support mark stands near the $460 zone, then it is not possible for the price of BCH to decline further, according to Christian2209.

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He has observed that BCH value has noted a triple bottom bear the $410 zone in the last seven days. Thus, it is right to assume that the price of BCH would experience a positive upward trend up to $545 by the end of 2018.

Go Big or Go Home

As usual, in the crypto world, there is that one individual with high expectations, and there is no condemnation for that. HamadaMark shared a long-term chart of BCH outlook. After a close examination of this chart and the current trend of BCH, it is possible for the coin to bottom out at $325 zone within the next three months. This negative trend will give rise to a new positive trend at the start of 2019, which will see the BCH being valued at around $2500 to $4500. Remember, BCH was valued above $2500 at the beginning of 2018, so this projection is possible.

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