Technical Analysis and Price Prediction – Dash (DASH)

The crypto market has fallen below $ 7,000 today, experiencing a mysterious melt with Bitcoin. Bitcoin sold panic over a two-hour period in which prices fell by more than 5% against US dollars and fell below 10% and fell by 10% in bear storms. Dash saw a big drop of 18% compared to 5% of Bitcoin.

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The trade in EMA line from $ 0.0287 shows a downward trend for the coin. The prices are below the $ 0.025 with the MACD, which represents a strong bear market. Panic sales are flushing out buyers and breaking through all support levels. At the time of writing, Dash changes hands green at 0.0258 and plunges to 17.99% against the USD.


Currently, 1 Dash is equal to 0.02605BTC and is plunging against BTC by 11.58%.

Price Prediction

⦁ According to Smartereum, the coin estimate for this year is around $ 1,600, while the five-year forecast is around $ 5,200.
⦁ Tradingbeasts expects the coins to reach $ 395.05 in early December this year. The digital asset will likely range between $ 529.80-779.12 at the end of 2020.
⦁ According to Longforecast, virtual money is expected to close the year at about $ 97. Prices are expected to reach around $ 184 in 2020.
⦁ Investinghaven estimates that prices will drop to $ 1,500 by the end of the year.

Latest Updates

⦁ Balance Custody, a digital asset management company has included Dash in their trading platform. The company offers ‘the safest way to buy a mix of digital currencies’
⦁ Partnership with KRIP, Latin Americans can easily use their KRIP phones to spend or send the digital asset without the need to physically visit banks or spend high fees associated with fiat payments they will also have access to Bitrefill’s services for phone recharges, bill payments and gift cards for e-commerce, travel and online games. Bitrefill is a cryptocurrency prepaid phone company.

⦁ Neptune Dash Technologies, said it would launch Neptune Dash Pooling service, which will enable users to send and receive Dash and earn interest on investments held by the users.

Line text uses the mobile-based SMS service, allowing users to send or receive DASH with a simple command with a 5-digit short code. At least 80% of the country has mobile phone penetration. However, smartphone usage is still as low as 40%. Although Dash’s text is still in the beta phase, it is expected to gain rapid traction in a country longed for a financial solution.

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