Price Prediction – Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Could It Hit $40 Again?

Ethereum Classic was criticized by Ethereum for forking. Although the coin offered some important solutions to Ethereum and other large coins, it was difficult for users and investors to see the al betrayal in the past.

Like other crypto coins, ETC is also in the red zone in a large part of the year. In January, the highest level of all time since the $ 45.51, the coins have been falling for months to 11 dollars. Surprisingly, although the coin has lost a lot, it remains one of the best performing coins and a few people who haven’t saved a nonsensical loss. Over the past few weeks, the coin is over $ 10. The project is also working on a proof of work consensus. This is expected to attract miners to the network and make the project environment-friendly.
Trading at $ 11.21, down 2.71 percent in the last 24 hours, due to price fluctuations in the best crypto currencies, such as the corrupt market movement, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is due to the fact that every altcoin owner has to face the challenge, most of the time his favorite coins are losing value because of some negative news and information, not just because of Bitcoin price movements and speculations.

Name Price24H (%)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic can easily hit and go beyond the price of all time, but it won’t be better than Ethereum. Ethereum is widely adopted and respected, and it will take a long time to prove that Ethereum Classic is a better option for investors and users. In 2018, the market has to perform positively to reach the highest level of all time, and this is largely determined by the bitcoin price.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) – Today’s Price

As at 2018-09-30 average Ethereum Classic price is 11.36515735 USD, 0.00171457 BTC, 0.04841487 ETH.

In this regard, 24 hour trading volume is 168934926 USD or 25485 BTC. At the same time Ethereum Classic market capitalization is 1191898044 USD or $179812 BTC.
It’s noteworthy that is issued into circulation Ethereum Classic.
Ethereum Classic ETC/ZB on ZB exchange is 11.34. The trading volume on ZB is 3709348.17.

At the same time Ethereum Classic ETC/USDT on Binance exchange is 11.35. The trading volume on Binance is 11357851.86.

Ethereum Classic ETC/USDT on OKEx exchange is 11.36. The trading volume on OKEx is 25606433.87.

Ethereum Classic ETC/USDT on Huobi exchange is 11.35. The trading volume on Huobi is 4993554.41.

Ethereum Classic ETC/CNYT on EXX exchange is 11.61. The trading volume on EXX is 79314328.83.

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