Latest TRON (TRX) Updates & Developments on October

Marucs, former Alibaba Chief Data Mining Expert Zhao Hong, decided to review the network’s progress in September 2018. The first thing he mentioned is that for Version 3.1, 90% of the nodes have completed their updates.

Moreover, 26 of the more than 27 SRs have completed their updates. The last SR is trying to execute the final review. It will be a good month in October. After the vote on 8 October, the Tron Virtual Machine is expected to be officially operational, with decentralized exchanges and the committee.

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Bitcoin (BTC)
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Dash (DASH)

Marcus also reorganized TRON’s development plan. The Blockchain network is planning a small upgrade and a big plan every quarter.

The enormous overhaul will be identified with various significant highlights after a correspondence with the network. TRON will likewise work so as to keep up its similarity, be that as it may, when mischances occur TRON will discharge a refresh by means of the board of trustees voting. On November 15, there will also be a small upgrade taking place. After it, in December, a bigger upgrade will also be released.

TRON will be optimizing the performance of the solidity nodes for the version 3.2. At the same time, it will also use memory database as the default main database.
To avoid re-synchronizing data, TRON will take an automatic backup of the database and snapshots. Some features of the major update include account status. FastSync function, Multi-signature function and anonymous transaction function. In addition, TRON will add the BFT consensus mechanism to version 3.5.

Finally, Marcus announced that TRON is more decentralized than other networks such as EOS and Bitcoin (BTC). Although it is decentralized, the network has more plans to improve decentralization levels.

The project will use mixed clouds and physical servers to separate nodes from the network from the center.

Tron’s TVM To Be Activated by October 8th

On 27 September, the Tron Foundation announced to the crypto community that the team would open more details the next day about the highly anticipated Project Atlas, which will integrate BitTorrnet into the Tron ecosystem.

In addition to announcing how to use a custom token on the new BitTorrent platform to encourage users, the team notified the community that uTorrent under BitTorrent was made available in China. Citizens of the country will now be able to benefit from the best download services.

The team also announced plans to make one or two live broadcasts every quarter to ensure that the Tron community is aware of the latest updates on their favorite project. In a recent tweet, Justin described how the network enlarged EOS and Ethereum.
The team also gave October 8th as the estimated date of activating the Tron Virtual Machine on the Mainnet.

The Tron main network was recently upgraded to version 3.1 with two updates scheduled for November 15 and late December. Upgrades are intended to improve the performance of the platform for centralized deployment of the Internet.

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