First ETFs in NEO! Price Primed For $20

Starlight Capital, including CEO and General Investment Manager Dennis Mitchell, joined Jos Schmitt, Chairman and Managing Director NEO, to open the market to celebrate the launch of the first ETF charts.

TORONTO – The NEO Exchange is pleased to announce that Starlight Investments Capital LP today launched the Starlight Global Infrastructure Fund.

NEO: SCGI and the Starlight Global Real Estate Fund NEO: SCGR. These are the first Canadian ETFs launched by Starlight Capital and the tenth ETF provider to list products in NEO. Starlight Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Starlight Investments, a leading North American real estate asset management firm with over $ 9 billion in capital.
The Starlight Global Infrastructure Fund invests in globally diversified public global infrastructure companies.

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The Starlight Global Real Estate Fund invests primarily in real estate investment trust (REITs) and equity securities of companies participating in the residential and commercial real estate sector.

They are excited by the launch of their first ETFs to Canadian investors that Starlight has direct access to real estate and infrastructure expertise.
Dennis Mitchell, CEO and CEO of Starlight Capital, said these real asset sectors are traditionally represented in Canadian investors’ portfolios.
Starlight Capital’s Graeme Llewellyn, CFO and COO praised Starlight’s partnership with NEO Exchange:

“NEO was a reliable, service-oriented list partner whose information content was needed to help us navigate in Canada. ETF scenery when we put these funds into the market.”
In addition to this,

NEO Exchange consistently simplifies around 25 percent of the entire Canadian ETF trading volume and currently hosts more than 65 fund listings from 10 Canadian suppliers.
They are proud to “Accepting Starlight Capital as the newest ETF provider in Canada,” said Jos Schmitt, Chairman and CEO of NEO.

Starlight Capital and NEO are both natural partners for the expertise of our experienced management teams and for providing value to our customers. It is about applying new and innovative thinking to rapidly developing old industries.
Starlight Capital’s decision to list the first ETFs in NEO speaks about how quickly they build themselves as a champion for investors, funders and companies that want to collect capital by focusing on justice, liquidity and transparency.

About NEO Exchange

Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. is Canada’s next-generation stock exchange, revealing the needs of investors, capital and businesses that want to upgrade dealers first.
Launched in March 2015, NEO Exchange currently offers an innovative trading center to process all Canadian securities.

NEO Price Primed For $20

Despite a minor correction in the crypto market during the weekend, NEO began to cross the $ 20 mark. It will be important given that altcoin has exceeded this for a while.
Also 2018 has never been so good for crypto coins or other coins for this matter. In the last 3 months altcoin lost 49 percent of its value.

The 20 dollar signal seems to be inevitable. Many crypto bulls had predicted something great for the crypto coin in 2018, which is not yet to become a fruit, but as it enters the last months of the year, this positive momentum can show that an expected and can finally happen.

Crypto enthusiasts and traders seem excited about this positive momentum. Such a person is Crypto Canon; In a tweet, it is noted that there are many signs of reversal. However, because things seem interesting, Bitcoin looks strong and this is especially good for subtitles.

The tweet;
“A lot of #alts are showing signs of reversal, this has been way too much and ended up selling too many times, but now #bitcoin seems to be far more powerful psychologically for the crowd, no bad news seems to be moving too much. # cryptotrading #crypto #neo. “

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