TRX/USD Price Medium-term Trend: Ranging

Starting October with $ 0.0219561982, TRON reached its highest level in the last month with 0.02 dollars on 12/09/2018 and 0.03 dollars on 04/09/2018. Last week, the exchange rate of 0.0417% TRON is currently traded at $ 0.02.

What is TRON (TRX)?

As a result of recent developments in the crypto money market, new alternative currencies have been produced and included in the system. Founded in September 2014, TRON is one of these alternative currencies

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Dash (DASH)
Stellar (XLM)

TRON, a block chain based structure, is a decentralized protocol developed to provide users with free content and entertainment. A user anywhere in the world can create, produce and store content and data using TRON. Unlike existing media platforms, users have full autonomy in TRON. TRON’s currency is TRONIX and the code on crypto money exchanges is TRX.

TRON creates a unique interaction between ordinary users and digital entertainment content providers within its own system. Content providers using TRON can share their content without having to pay high channel fees to centralized platforms such as Google Play and the Apple App Store.

TRON, unlike other crypto-money technologies, is recognized by corporate organizations and government agencies. TRON, which was prepared in accordance with Singapore law, was approved by Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
TRX/USD Long-term Trend: Ranging

Resistance levels: $0.024, $0.031, $0.041
Support levels: $0.015, $0.010, $0.05
TRX/USD Price Medium-term Trend: Ranging

The 10-day EMA was faced with the price of EMA by the 50-day EMA for 10 days; It shows that the rising triangle may have a rising movement that breaks the upper trendline and the price may go towards the resistance level of $ 0.024.

TRON’s Goal

Focusing on strengthening the world of digital content by combining the strengths of the social network and the value network, TRON focuses on encouraging participants to make a fair and reasonable contribution to the system. TRON aims to activate this content environment for the first time by using digital assets to evaluate and motivate the participants and contributors in a correct and transparent manner.

Creators of TRON

The creator of TRON is Justin Sun. Justin Sun is the founder of China’s social network (PEIWO / Arabeni) (the largest application of China’s Whatsapp) outside TRON, while TRON is supported by the Tron Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Singapore. In the TRON network, where justice and transparency are idealized, the actors and creators of the TRON network are convinced that they must have their own assets.
TRON’s nonprofit structure stands out as a significant difference compared to other crypto-money systems. TRON is considered a public service because Tron Foundation members do not expect any profit. For this reason, the amounts allocated from an anonymous account to TRON participants are considered as a kind of sharing.

TRON Block Chain

As a decentralized content protocol, TRON has 4 main features different from the central internet: Freedom of data: any content (text, image, audio and video) is downloaded, stored and published in a free and free format.

Content activation: the acquisition of digital assets through content provision and dissemination also paves the way for the economic promotion of the content ecosystem.
Any user of a personal ICO: platform member freely distributes digital assets as ICO (inital coin offering), while other users also purchase digital assets to benefit from the services produced by those who contribute to the development of uninterrupted data.
Infrastructure: TRON is equipped with a complete, decentralized infrastructure set, including distributed assets, distributed structure, autonomous gameplay, forecasting and gaming.


TRON’s currency TRONIX is the basic currency of the TRON block chain accounts. In addition to TRONIX, the TRON block chain is also used in another currency, also known as TRON Power or TP. While TRX is being traded freely, TP is encrypted. TP owners have the right to vote on important decisions affecting the TRON network.

How Much is a TRON (TRX)?
The selling price of TRON (TRONIX) crypto money traded with the TRX symbol on the crypto money exchange increased by 0.67% as of January 26, 2018, with a market price of $ 0.06164 and a market value of $ 6.16 billion. Total daily trading volume is $ 920,000 or $ 13.43 million.

In terms of market value, TRON (TRONIX), which ranks 14th in cryptocurrency ranking, has increased by approximately 3,500% since September 26, 2017, the lowest is 0.0010913 dollars and the highest is $ 0,3876. The maximum number of currencies is limited to 100 billion TRX and the total number of TRX placed on the market and the number of TRX in circulation is 100 billion TRX.
TRON, 04/10/2018 As of 14:38, TL 0.14 TL in TL terms and $ 0.02 in US dollars.

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