Bitcoin Cash wallet extension for desktop added to Chrome store

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers announced the launch of the BCH desktop wallet extension in the Chrome store.

A beta version is available in the Chrome store

A desktop wallet for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now available and a Chrome version is now available on Chrome. The wallet named was developed by a team of developers who are members of organizations such as Spendbch, Bitbox, Simple Accounting Protocol (SLP) and
Badgerwallet, which is said to resemble the ETH-light client Metamask of the new wallet, aims to become a door to the world of BCH-based tokens and decentralized applications with new self-awareness.

The current Beta version is available in the Chrome store for testing. To do this, users need to download the extension package. Also, since it is in the Beta version, the extension page must first be set to “developer mode”.
After a successful installation, users can see a Bitcoin coin icon in the upper right corner of the Google browser, with a click on the Badgerwallet window. You can now use your new wallet on your desktop.

Bitmain acquires Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet startup Telescope

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet startup is available in Telescope, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions.

The crypto-mining giant, Bitmain, recently announced the purchase of an open-source Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet called Telescope. This browser-based wallet was released in 2018 to provide instant Bitcoin Cash transactions.

Currently, you can use Telescope in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The company is supported by BitPay and and the encryption keys stored in a browser extension are signed directly by the user’s browser. According to reports, this offers the same level of security as a normal wallet.

Bitmain’s international press relations and communications officer Nishant Sharm has confirmed that the technology of the product can be simple, but it is an important innovation in this area and will be very important for the Bitcoin Cash system. He also said that crypto wallets embedded in the browser are more and more technology to use in the future and look forward to working with the Bitmain team.

In 2016, Bitmain generated $ 277 million and in 2017, $ 2.5 billion. Bitmain, which has offices all over the world, is one of the most important and most valuable companies in the sector. Bitmain, which is known to have crypto-money crypto-money mining at its facilities, has a very high amount of Bitcoin Cash reserves.

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