Monero Schedules XMR Protocol Upgrade for October 18

Monero (XMR) is the best option for anonymous transactions!

Monero’s privacy comes mostly from public signatures and secret addresses. First, it provides the confidentiality of transaction inputs by mixing with a similar group. This makes it difficult to establish a connection between processes. There are also secret addresses for each transaction that must be considered. This makes it impossible to find the actual destination address of a process. Only people who send and receive the transaction are aware of the actual addresses. There is also a feature known as ring-secret operations that conceal the amount transferred.

These features made Monero the best choice for anonymous transactions. Furthermore, those who wanted to make anonymous transactions transferred their money through Monero. Crypto money saw a sharp increase in use in 2016. While crypto currencies begin to meet regulatory norms and grow as an asset class, Monero maintains the vision of anarcho-capitalist who created Bitcoin. As long as it is always illegal, Monero, which operates on the dark side of the market, remains the last bastion of cypherpunks. As a result, Monero and Bitcoin are like two sides of the medallion. Because anonymity and privacy in Bitcoin (BTC) revealed Morero (XMR).

What is Monero? How to get XMR?

Monero (XMR) is a crypto currency focused on privacy. It is the most well-known and preferred choice of privacy cryptos.
Monero’s privacy feature comes from hiding wallet addresses. In most other crypto coins, when you know someone’s wallet address, you can follow the money that will be sent to that wallet later or come out of the wallet, but this is not the case in Monero. Monero is a coin used by those who are fond of financial privacy.

It is claimed to be the most commonly used coin on the deep web due to its privacy crypt. Hackers and illegal business people prefer Monero. The 11th position in the Market Cap shows a lot of use, and unlike many altcoins, the crypto proves that it is not temporary in the world of money. XMR is one of the coins that can be mining.
Monero has a total of 16,366,713 supplies. You can find more information on XMR on the official website.

Monero XMR Opens War on Harmful Mining Software! Who will win?

Relaxing Malicious Software Victims!

The ease of mining and the confidentiality of Monero’s are the outstanding features of the coin. But unfortunately these features are very attractive for malicious people. Monero set up a working group to combat them, and Monero XMR has waged war against harmful mining software.

Justin Ehrenhofer, manager of the Bad Software Working Group, told the CCN that the two factors make the XMR attractive to the malicious:

1) The absence of the permit, so malicious people, companies and law enforcement agencies do not worry after Monero has followed their mining.

2) Monero uses a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm which is CPU and GPU friendly; Thus, infected machines become more assertive.

These two features make Monero more appealing to malicious people than other coins.
The use of coins for malware is not only unique to Monero. The software mentioned previously for Bitcoin and other coins. But the XMR’s privacy feature puts it further.
The new Malware Response informs visitors about how to block and avoid bad software. The site for those who do not understand what is going on. If you have bad software on your computer XMR-based, the site produces solutions in this regard. Three types of attacks are taking place in this area: browser-based, system / PC-based, and randomly occurring.

Clearing Unwanted Malware

Codes for Monero mining are often presented as a service to visitors to the website to invest in their website. According to the CCN report, advertises advertisements as an option for visitors instead of crypto mining. If they do, readers will have to go XMR mining while browsing the site.
However, without the knowledge of attackers, visitors and site administrators, they can place mining codes in the site. It’s called cryptojacking. Cryptojacking increased around 86% in the second quarter of 2018. So far, the biggest reason is the NSA’s hacking tools to the hands of the malicious.

NSA and Microsoft accept responsibility. However, they say that such events will lead to the kind of training that Monero does.

Monero Decides to Fight Bad Software

Cryptojacking is a new and complex structure in the market. Therefore, education plays a key role. Monero technology and community doesn’t make any eyes of any malicious software that uses Monero.

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