Circle Acquires Crowdfunding Platform and SeedInvest

The Cryptocurrency startup circle is entering deeper into the crypto trade
Circle was founded in 2013 by investment banking and management giant Goldman Sachs. The company offers four products, including Circle Pay, a social messaging component, and a Circle Trade, a quadruple product, and Circle Trade, each with more than $ 2 billion a month. Cryptocurrency finance company Circle Internet Financial Ltd. According to a statement released on October 5th, the equity source funding platform and broker-dealer acquired SeedInvest. For now, nothing has been explained about the process.

SeedInvest based in New York, established in 2012 as an initial investment platform. Since then, it has been reported that the company has pursued a capital increase policy for 220 companies with more than 240 investors. The average investment per company through SeedInvest is $ 500,000, the largest investment is said to be $ 2,000,000.

After the acquisitions are approved by the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Circle will allow SeedInvest to expand offers to support crypto coins, including fiat fixed debts and export and securitized securities.

In addition, it is reported that companies can capitalize through a regulated platform, access retailer portfolios through Circle Invest, and provide Circle with secondary market liquidity in Circle’s crypto-currency exchange transaction.

The Circle introduced a new feature earlier this week for Circle Invest, the Crypto investment app entitled ” collections ”, each of which is divided by a different theme, offering the possibility to invest in one or more crypto assets collection: Platforms, Payments, and Privacy. After selecting a collection category, users can invest in a single closet for the entire category.

In September, Circle launched a US-backed digital token called 20 USD Coin (USDC). ”Circle is about to announce USDC support, more than 20 companies can trade through the open ERC-20 standard.

Founded in 2012, SeedInvest is an online platform service that connects individuals with veterinary initiatives. The company is highly selective: it admits only about 1 percent of the entry-application trials on its own platform. Individuals who are members of the platform can review this list and invest in a company according to their eligibility. All securities transactions at SeedInvest are covered by SI Securities, a registered broker.

It’s easy to see why this deal is so attractive for the Circle. Most of the circle’s profits now come directly from coin processing. According to Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, who recently spoke with Bitcoin Magazine, the company has a $ 4 billion market-top crypto table per month, and earlier this year, the Circle announced a Polish policy for a $ 400 million gossip from Poloniex. purchased with a clearing plans.

One of the conditions for listing a company on the SeedInvest platform is that a project must have at least a minimum applicable product or prototype. This contrasts sharply with the world of ICO, where the projects alone do not lead to an increase of millions of dollars based on a white paper.

The circle already has about 260 employees in offices around the world. SeedInvest can bring 30 more employees to Circle’s New York location.

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