VeChain Future Forecast: The Price of VeChain might keep increasing

VeChain is one of the first movers in the top 20 to show their presence. Over the past day, the VET price has experienced a strong 2% increase and more gains may still be realized. The bigger question here is if the uptrend can or cannot be sustained for more than a few hours.

The Price of VeChain might keep increasing
The price of VeChain hasn’t excited people in a while. In the last few weeks, the trading momentum has either been slightly bearish or sideways. This doesn’t look too good a project frequently tipped to rival Ethereum, yet it never comes close to 5% of Ethereum’s market cap. Despite, a whole lot of good things are happening in VeChain.

Community members are convinced that sooner or later, big things will happen. The most recent is hinting at growing Bitcoin adoption, although there is no indication of how things will evolve exactly.
One great development is how the VeChainThor network is passing milestones relating to registered actor. A Week ago , this number sat at 49,000 and this week, has increased to 50,000. Although, it might not reflect in the VET price, it is a positive sign of growth.

It will be a very difficult battle to get more people to use VeChain. At this stage, new exchanges are listing VET, with the latest being HitBT. The exchange has listed VET against USDT, ETH and BTC.

For VET, there is still a high expectation. Presently, it seems the price of VeChain is in a good place. Combined with a school trading volume below $18 million dollars, there appears to be enough liquidity to sustain this uptrend without any service setback.

VeChain will be the World’s leading Enterprise-level blockchain solution provider
In recent times, VeChain (VET) has been so active, partnering with different companies including different governments, luxurious brands and vehicles companies. This means that VET has gained the trust of different industries in the future; we will see more companies going in the platform of VeChain blockchain technology.

VeChain will become World’s leading Enterprise-level Blockchain Service Provider due to some reasons:

• Real solutions for real world problems
• Keeping the world honest
• Smart money is investing in VeChain
• Car manufacturing is possible with VeChain
• VeChain has a partnership with People’s Insurance     Company of China
• Slowing China’s counterfeit problem
• VeChain protecting the vaccine supply of China

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