Justin Sun: ’TRON will soon be in the top 10

Justin Sun: The BitTorrent protocol will be developed with TRON’s Blockchain.
TRON founder Justin Sun said TRX will be in the top 10 in terms of market value over the next six months, according to the CoinMarketCap data, and explained how it plans to do so.

Justin Sun: ile The BitTorrent protocol will be developed with TRON’s Blockchain. Just
In an interview with Investopedia, Justin Sun said that there are a few steps to get TRON into the top 10. However, he says, plans will be successful in making the decentralized ecosystem more robust. In addition, Sun explains his plans with the following words:
We aim to complete one of the major milestones in the fourth quarter: combining TRON and BitTorrent to create a unique and extraordinary product. For this we will benefit from TRON’s Blockchain expertise to develop the decentralized BitTorrent protocol with over 100 million active users.
Sun explains in these terms that BEPs (Bim Execution Plans) for both protocols are currently being reviewed for approval and will facilitate the integration of the block and BitTorrent technology:
TRON is preparing to cross the Ethereum to become the world’s largest decentralized protocol. In the last quarter of this year and in the first quarter of 2019, we will leave behind these important milestones.

TRON’s goal is to preserve its current position
Sun continued to explain its second objectives, including awareness and recognition of the TRON protocol. He said his goals are to consolidate his positions in the crypto money market between the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. Their next goal is to keep up with developments in the entertainment and game industry. The constituent said:

I have seen a few TRON dApps that are quite good, like BitGuild, which is built or moved into the TRON network. In the next two quarters, we expect more developers to come to TRON, which will boost our overall performance.

And the next targets TRON protocol to be optimized. The company aims to come up with new updates for a better experience of the community. In addition, Sun says that most companies in the top 10 crypto money do not have any efforts to further their products, and adds:

On the other hand, TRON is a young company with advanced technology and more space to grow. We are confident that TRON will be among the top 10 crypto currencies in the next 6 months.

Claim!!! Tron Team Helps Alibaba Build Crypto Stock Exchange

Would you be surprised if the Tron team was helping Alibaba build a Crypto stock exchange and they were collaborating? Of course, no. It is natural that both of these formations, which are based in China, are involved. Already in recent times, we often hear news that a crypto money cooperates with an institution. Alibaba and Tron also cooperated with a new duo. How did this cooperation begin and how would it end?

How Will the Tron Team Help Alibaba Build a Crypto Exchange?
There are many rumors that the Tron team is helping Alibaba build a crypto exchange. Alibaba and Tron are planning to launch a crypto money exchange. The ICO Journal, who made the claim. Both sides have been working in this direction for the last three months. According to the ICO Journal, Tron is helping Alibaba in this direction. Their goal is to add the crypto money exchange to their vast eco-system products. The main point of the two talks is to find the best practice by looking at other good exchanges.
How Advanced is the Process?
Alibaba has been planning this for a long time and the Tron team has decided to help Alibaba to build the infrastructure. An unnamed source said:

It has been discussed on this issue for months and what kind of planning will be discussed. Justin and his team made great efforts in combining their digital assets with Bittorrent. We knew and proposed that they would have a lot to do with our crypto exchange plan. The answer was positive because they had been working on this for some time (crypto money exchange).
Tron sources confirm this news.
Since we started, we had cooperation with Alibaba in the background. They had consulted us about some of the dirt. This is one of those issues. There is only one issue that we are not sure whether they will fund this project with different brands or will remain within the organization. We have not yet reached a conclusion on this issue. However, the work continues.

Crypto Money Prohibition in China?
Of course Alibaba knows the ban in China. According to Alibaba, the ban on China is just a show because China is investing heavily in crypto-money and blockchain technology. Alibaba adds that they are working on the blockchain and crypto money with the Chinese government. Currently Alibaba is the most patented company in the blockchain field. We will soon see the results of these studies.

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