NEO, The Trend of Fall: Consolidating into the Upcoming Bull Season

Analysts say NEO broke the downward trend. NEO is also known as Chinese Ethereum. There is so much to do in the EOS.

Did NEO Break Your Trend Trend?

One of the rarest coins of crypto. In the last bull season. After the last correction, the NEO has broken the downward trend. Not easy, $ 161, $ 15- $ 20 and the level of these levels anchored.

NEO Weekly Charts and Upcoming Bull Market?
Looking at the weekly chart of NEO NEO 13.78 NEO / USD Current price is 19.49 Dollars and 24 hours increase is 4.95%.
Unlike other crypto currencies. However, the price returned strongly.

This response means that there is an increase in interest in NEO. This reaction is a precursor to hike. I think with NEO, Tron, VeChain, Ontology and Zilliqa will see the same support. I think it’s worth watching these crypts.

NEO / USD parity but also in NEO / BTC parity. Similar to BTC, the same price trend has been observed for the last week.

What is NEO / BTC‘s Wave Trend Analysis?
NEO / BTC‘s trend trend soon NEO. This cycle will start. NEO’s RSI says the same thing. NEO Will start to blow.

Processing Volume of Lower Coins Increased in September

According to the latest published data, all of the top 20 crypto currencies during September, except for all three, saw noticeable increases in transaction volumes. The XRP, the most prominent cryptocurrency of September, has never left the leadership in this field.

Bitcoin transaction volumes did not change significantly, while sub-coins experienced shots in transaction volumes. The USDT transaction volume increased by 4.5 percent compared to the previous period, while the same increase was realized in Ethereum and ETH experienced a 17.6 percent transaction volume increase.

The XRP managed to see a huge increase compared to the previous month. In September, the output of the coin, which attracted the investor in a serious way, the previous month, 7.8 billion dollars in the previous month, this volume managed to increase by 216% to $ 24.7 billion this figure.

Bitcoin Cash increased by 26.5%, while the world’s fifth most valuable cryptocurrency EOS, according to market value, increased its volume by 10.5% in August.

Litecoin was another coin that experienced an increase. Charlie Lee’s founder of the world’s 7th largest cryptocurrency, managed to increase the transaction volume in September with a value of 34.5 percent.

ONT and Ethereum Classic were among the top 20 traders of the bank. While Ethereum Classic’s trading volume decreased by 1% compared to August, the rate of decline in ONT was 38%.

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