EOS Year End Price Forecast: $ 20

What is the secret of the success of EOS?
In this article, we will write our predictions about EOS year-end price forecast. EOS is a crypto money that is difficult to understand. Unlike the FOMO (fear of opportunity) and media exaggeration, it is clear that the dynamics of the sector, such as whales, are influential in increasing the price of this crypto currency.

EOS Year End Price Forecast: $ 20
For the EOS / USD in the daily time frame, the above chart shows that EOS finally found strong close-term support on one of the Fibonacci and Bollinger Bands. The EOS price has followed a similar path with Bitcoin (BTC) for the last few months. However, this was not the case, as previously EOS did its own movements without being connected to BTC.

As shown in the chart for EOS / USD, the crypto currency has reached the highest level of all time, even in the bear market! This has surprised many people, but when you think of the great EOS token that is controlled by its founders and creators, it can’t be hard to see how this can happen.

EOS, solid use cases and the project too much emphasis on the project Ethereum Classic (ETC), Cardano (ADA) and Lisk, as opposed to projects, not only for rich investors, and is also a founding project for its founders. Dan Larimer, his brainchild behind the project, is known to jump from one project to another. Most people in the crypto community may not know that the founder of EOS, Dan Larimer, was also the founder of Bitshares and Steemit!

In other words, Dan Larimer is the person you can follow if you want to have a rich, fast future. Because she creates elaborate projects, funds them, and then leaves the project until she finds another milk cow.

However, if you are looking for a fixed project that has become a meaningful target over time, it may not be EOS. However, I have no doubt that EOS will continue to see huge gains during the upcoming bull run. Because it’s easy to create something interesting in this market. For EOS, this is all child’s play.

EOS Long-term Price Analysis

So, EOS Year-End Price Estimate Is $ 20?
Certainly, it may rise even more than that. Can you build a meaningful future in the long run? Well, you have all the features you might need to create a smart contract platform. More than $ 4 billion to develop a platform like EOS.

However, in order for him to go where it should be, there must be will and vision. Eos has had a very successful ICO process. I believe they have a large group of investors behind the project. However, I think there is no need to greed about it. I mean, EOS might be a good short and medium term plan, but you should consider that it was Dan Larimer at the beginning of the project before adding it to your long-term plans.

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