Cardano (ADA) Long-Term Price View – 2018-2019

Cardano unveils its new road map: the new update in 2019 Shelley!

Cardano updated its road map with a tweet on Thursday. The update offers improvements to Byron, the first step in launching Cardano, and also explains the next phase of development for the Shelley update.

Cardano’s new road map includes the Shelley update!

According to the road map of Cardano, the situation is as follows:

We are in Byron, the preload stage where we are currently making improvements. And then we’re gonna move from Byron to Shelley.

At the Byron stage, developers are making improvements in code and debugging. It also plans to upgrade Daedalus to make third-party API integrations easier. They plan to activate these changes before moving from Byron.

The company will focus on improving stability, interoperability and management aspects for the next 18 months. According to the roadmap, during the development process, Cardano’s protocols will increase in complexity, interdependence and more exotic cryptographic primitive use.

Cardano launches update features in 2019
It also states on the road map:

Shelley focused on ensuring that key elements were in place, so his technology became completely central and autonomous.

With the update, the company aims to ensure that the network is completely decentralized. Cardano will launch Shelley’s features in 2019 and start with testnet. The road map is also said to have developed the company’s research arm. Two separate colons allocated more funds for research. First, Ethereum’s smart contracts will focus on fixing troubles. Second, the overall basic design of smart contracts and other computing models will be focused.
Cardano (ADA) Long-Term Price View

The long-term price view of Cardano (ADA) tends to rise. A downward trend on September 24, reduced Cardano to $ 0.07353, which is in the demand zone. Further downward movement due to the decrease in the momentum of ascent caused a bearish fall on September 25th.

Cardano (ADA) Long-Term Price View – Rising Tendency
The long-term price view of Cardano ADA seems to be quite positive. In a possible bull race, it seems to make more money for investors than other crypts.

Supply region: $ 0.1600, $ 0.1800, $ 0.2000
Demand zone: $ 0.0600, $ 0.0300, $ 0.0001

Cardano Long-Term Price View graph -1

Increasing bull momentum caused the price of ADA to rise to $ 0.8934 in the supply zone. It was a value above the 10-EMA curve as an indicator of bull pressure.

The upward stochastic oscillator indicator shows a value of 74%. While the bull pressure is stronger in the long term, this means ADA’s upward price movement.

Since more candles are formed and closed on the EMA curve, the long-term view tends to increase, while the price of $ 0.1000 in the supply zone may be the starting point for the increase (bear) trend.

Cardano (ADA)

As of 24 January 2018, the sales price of Cardano (ADA) crypto money, which was traded on the crypto money exchange with the ADA symbol, increased by 11.75% to $ 0.61 and the market value was around $ 16.13 billion. Total daily trading volume was $ 642.5 million.

In terms of market value, Cardano (Ada), which ranks 5th in cryptocurrency rankings, increased approximately 3,300% in 2017, the lowest was 0,0173 dollars and the highest was 1,3272 dollars. The maximum number of funds for Cardano is 45 billion ADA and the number of ADA placed on the market is 31.112.483.745 and the number of ADA in circulation is 25.927.070.538.

As of 07/10/2018 14:12, Cardano is trading at $ 0,08 in TL terms and $ 0,08 in US dollars.

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