Stellar Lumen (XLM) Rejects Ripple’s XRP Price: XLM & Dash from BitGo List

Since market activity is the third largest coin with the price movement of the XRP, it undoubtedly influences the outcome of a one-day market transaction at a certain range with price movement. While the US dollar stood at over US $ 0.5100, the fastest coin made a quick dive on October 6th and fell to $ 0.4900.

For the moment, it reaches $ 0.4730 in 8.50 negative for 24 hours.

When looking at the last 7 days of trading all coins, there are several similar graphs displayed by couples. Stellar (XLM) watched the fall of the XRP, but extended its support for $ 0.6,4000 and extended the fall of 6 October.

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During the time that the XLM / USD pair was written, the limits between 0.2300 and $ 0.4100 are limited.

XLM and USD Trading

The two contestants follow each other’s movements as they are reflected in viewers / readers in the past weeks when it comes to very fast and efficient payments in the cross-border range.

BitGO adds Stellar XLM and DASH

A start on cryptocurrency in the leading Palo Alto has announced that Dash will add DASH and Stellar Lumens XLM among coins it offers as storage solutions. Palo Alto is known to be very selective in the process of choosing crypto-currencies, and state how practical coins are.

Mike Belshe, the CEO of BitG, announced this development. CEO, the list of both the uniqueness of the money as a result of the features and emphasized that emerged.

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