Ethereum (ETH): Final Shakeout(Vitalik Buterin) And Another Bear Trend?

The Etereum (ETH) seems to have broken the disadvantage of the symmetrical triangle. The price was expected from the triangle upward. The symmetrical triangle with continuity pattern had a higher chance of breaking down. The ETH / USD daily chart shows that this is it. The Etereum (ETH) started the day with red and soon fell below the triangle. Under normal circumstances, this would be a more negative sign to come. However, this did not happen under normal conditions. The volume of ETH / USD is already very low and the price can be easily manipulated in both ways. And it happened this weekend. Trading activity on the weekend is generally considered insignificant when this amount is low.

If Ethereum (ETH) starts next week in green, it will seriously deteriorate the feeling of decline. On the other hand, if Ethereum (ETH) starts in red next week, it will strengthen the sense of decline. However, the upward trend will not be affected. Most Ethereum (ETH) bulls had expected a downside disadvantage or a final shakeout. At this point, the weakest hands are already out of the game. However, the whales may attempt a final jolt and most Ethereum (ETH) recipients are aware of this. Of course, there are Ethereum (ETH) bears who think that the price will fall even further. Some are professionals who only process waves up and down. However, others are old weak hands or dreamers looking to wait for $ 100 to buy Ethereum (ETH).

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Ethereum Graph with Values

The above daily chart for ETH / USD shows another possibility. Considering the last red wax, which corresponds to the green bar in the VIX diagram, a different scenario will emerge. It shows that the symmetrical triangle has not yet been broken and that the Ethereum (ETH) can break upwards in the next week. The green bar in the VIX diagram for the daily chart is a strong indicator that you have already found a dip. The price is likely to break over this symmetrical triangle next week. However, if this is broken, the price will have to re-test the trend line. The only way for Ethereum (ETH) to fall to $ 100 is to disrupt the market structure.

Ethereum Graph with Values

There’s nothing wrong with that Ethereum (ETH) could drop to $ 100 or less. Everything is possible in this market. However, there is the way in which markets operate. The price cannot fall to only $ 100 and then it can fly to $ 1000. For the price to fall to $ 100, he needs to break critical structures. After this, Ethereum (ETH) will enter another trend, so the uptrend is over.

Therefore, therefore, bull growth in Ethereum (ETH) has no meaning and still expects $ 100. Even if you are in Ethereum (ETH), you should wait until you break the market structure. In the weekly chart for ETH / USD, we now see eight successive green bars in the VIX diagram. . It can dip, “he says. When 8 consecutive bars transmit the same message, they must be taken seriously.

Vitalik Buterin’s Leaving Ethereum [ETH] Still On going?

Permanently, many people behind Ethereum added that the team and the platform could go without it, even without it.

In my opinion, etherum can certainly survive by burning me at this point tomorrow.

The network is an open source technology platform that supports smart contracts. Ethereum is designed and constructed from a two-layer infrastructure. It is the second of the private accounts and contract accounts controlled by individuals.

Ethereum was first launched with a First Money Offer (ICO) from July to August 2014. At this point, the Ethereum blockchain network was more of a theory than a study product.

In I thought that those in the Bitcoin community were not approaching the problem correctly. I thought they went after individual practices; They were trying to be explicitly supported within a Swiss Army protocol of each [use case]. B – V. Buterin

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