Wanchain Price Surge: Why Investors should keep a close watch on Wanchain (WAN)

The market is currently seeing some crazy price runs from obscure or new coins. This project is presently causing ripples in the market and should be considered by any serious Investor.

Wanchain (WAN) tops the list of new coins ready to make a move in the market in days to come. The platform is there to provide an enabling for distributed Financial infrastructure. It is aimed at linking several blockchain projects through a global cross-chain protocol. In addition, the project seeks to enhance the interoperability of blockchain by making possible, intra-chain and cross-chain transactions. It also offers a platform for smart contracts.

WAN price experienced a sudden surge. Why?
Literally, the cryptocurrency is experiencing a plateful. It has the full support of the community and with its strong Q2 performance to mirror the current trends, it seeks to prove wrong those that are skeptical about it. One major reason behind the increase in price is due to an increased exposure through a second listing on a popular exchange.
The major factor that could be taking WAN to higher gains is its launch of 6 new blockchain projects on the Wanchain network as well as its anticipated revelation. In addition, back in February, Wanchain collaborated with KyberNetwork. Relating to where the cryptocurrency wants to reach, this deal comes as a big boost.

WAN price
On CoinMarketCap, Wanchain (WAN) is ranked 29th and has a market cap of $493 million. Due to its rapid increase in value, some community members have predicted that before the big announcement, the coin could hit a cap of $1 billion. Very recently, the coin traded at $4.65, +9.13% and +15.43% against BTC and USD respectively.
Though, there was a brief drop in its price on March 30th , it rebounded on 10th April, from the low $2.75 to $4.45. A solid +46.78% has been posted by WAN over the 7-day period, defying negative market sentiment. The coin will easily reach the $1 billion market cap, it is keeps up with this uptrend.

Why Investors should keep a close watch on Wanchain (WAN)
In late 2017, Wanchain (WAN) wrapped up its ICO at a coin price of $0.34, before going on a run that saw 2,817% gains in the run up to the $9.92 of all-time highs experienced on 3rd of May.

Wanchain hopes to create an interoperable blockchain banking system for the cryptocurrency generation, having the full features of a regular bank. Wanchain though still some way off completing this plans has already had with the Ethereum blockchain, a cross-chain interoperability and hopes to be the link connecting all blockchains in the world.

Wanchain also utilizes ring signatures to create for each transaction, new addresses and also to obscure the identity of someone making a transaction. Wanchain claims to be the first in a number of things, which includes its being the first blockchain to include within smart contracts, privacy functions. In the meantime, both private and public send functionality is offered by Wanchain.

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