Coca Cola: 2018 Is Off To A Wonderful Financial Start

There had been speculations at the end of last year about Coca Cola brand. It was said that Coca Cola as a brand is deteriorating at a very high speed and the financial losses the company was presumed to suffer in 2017 were greater than ever in history of the brand. However, the stat of 2018 seems to be a wonderful new beginning for the company as official spokesmen have stated in an official statement that 2018 is a bright new sunrise for Coca Cola Co.

Official Statement by Coca Cola Co.

In an official statement, a senior representative of Coca Cola on Tuesday early morning April 24, 2018 stated that 2018 has proven to be a good year for the brand. The begin quarter of 2018 has been a wonderful positive thumbs-up for the company with the business starting off at drastic more sales and profits than the closing of the previous year.

History of The Brand

Coca Cola Co. is a cold drink brand that has been around for several years now and has been a persistent staple in our lives. It is considered to be one of the biggest cola brands that is globally sold throughout the world. However, in the recent years the brand has been surrounded by one after another unfortunate controversies. Increasing healthcare awareness in the people all around the globe had also eventually resulted in a loss for the brand as people shifted their focus from fizzy drinks to natural goodness instead.

Official Reports Summary

Coca Cola Co. is an Atlanta-based fizzy drink. The brand has evaluated an increase of up to 16% in its sales and profits margins in the beginning of this year. The first three months of 2018 have been a breath of fresh breeze for the company. A major part of the credit goes to the bottle refranchising. The profits have increased by some 1.18 billion US dollars in comparison to the past year first half of 2017.

Scheduled Stakeholders Meeting

An official meeting of all the global stakeholders of 2018 is scheduled to happen any time in the first week of May. This meeting will detail highlight an insightful data analysis of the exact profits and revenues that the company has made so far. The meeting will be held in Atlanta at Coca Cola World.

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