Amazon Collaborating With GM And Volvo To Deliver Packages To Your Car’s Trunk Now!

You hear that right! The world’s number 1 online shopping platform Amazon has recently just announced its collaboration with GM and Volvo. This service will be available across selected 37 cities of the United States. The new service will now make your ordered packages be delivered to the trunk of your car. This works in collaboration with Gm and Volvo.

Amazon’s 2017 Indoor House Service

It is not the first time that Amazon has come up with something so interesting to win the attention its customers all over one more time. Last year Amazon has come with the idea to leave the packages indoor instead on the doorstep of houses. They had requested customers to give them permission to unlock front doors and step inside to leave the packages. Whilst it may sound absurd to hear now – you won’t believe that there were actually people who had given the permission to Amazon to do so.

Amazon Is Back with Another Service Innovation

The encouragement then has led to another innovative plan now. Amazon is back with another inventive idea and is now asking all the Amazon Prime customers for permission to access the car trunk to leave packages.

Announcement for Service

Recently this week Amazon announced its new service. This service will make packages be left in the car trunk for the buyers.

How Is Amazon Managing It?

Now this makes us wonder how Amazon is managing to pull off this service. Well, it not using smart locks or any cloud cameras but rather incorporating the latest technology with modern vehicles. Amazon is achieving this new service in collaboration with two of the top best automobile companies of the world – GM (General motors) and Volvo.

Service Has Already Begun in Selected Cities Across The US

This service is all set to begin across 36 or 37 cities in the United States that have been hand-selected for this purpose. The service has already begun operating across the selected cities as we speak.

Official Statement by The VP – Amazon

This is a moment of dream come true for Amazon. The Vice President of the tech giant spoke on behalf of the company to a leading publication. He states on how happy the whole company is for the success and upgraded delivery service that it has managed to offer to its loyal customers.

Another Milestone on The Way?

He states this as another milestone for Amazon and has hinted at many more such incentives lined up in the coming time.

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