Countdown for Tron [TRX]’s Mainnet Launch begins (TRON Forecast Today)

Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun , has begun counting down the release date to the Tron Mainnet Launch market, scheduled for May 31st . After a successful test network test, the team slipped the arms for the most anticipated Mainnet Launch version and completed all preparations.

Justin took the following tweet to date:

“Countdown to Tron Host Network Launch: 31 Days, 744 hours, 44,640 minutes and 2,678,400 seconds! ‘

Thanks to the upcoming election of super representatives and the launch of the main network, Tron has greatly increased its market value and price. The whole market has invested mostly in relying on TRX’s mainstream network launch. TRX had a quick introduction to the top 10 list from the ninth place before it fell again yesterday. Within a few hours, the TRX secured its position in the 9th position, recovering the position it lost yesterday, according to the press time of the news. The market value of Tron fell noticeably from $ 6.1 billion to $ 5.91 billion, compared with the value of today’s early hours.

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The main network comes with an exchange of ERC20 tokens scheduled for June 21st . After this successful transfer, Tron will become a potential Ethereum opponent, as previously mentioned by Justin Sun.

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Brad , a popular twitter user:

“I see that as long as the price remains stable, there is very little hate speech in the comments.”

If he was a crypto money fan he took the following tweet:

“I agree, people must be happy with these percentiles. The tron ​​is really solid! ”

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Chris Jeremy , a TRX shareholder:

“If more supporters come, the TRX could be worth a few dollars. TRX has already been well worth it for a long time, but why are people so greedy and expecting it to increase by 100 times? “

Justin Sun had already made the following important tweet:

“Nobody has any right at the moment, token owners in mainstream networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For this reason, it is technically a very big experience because Tron owners will be the first users of the world in the history of blockchain. For this reason, never forget who voted. “

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