Google’s Founder: We Are In A “Technology Renaissance” and Ethereum Is The “Impact of IT Exploitation”

Sergey Brin , one of the founders of Google, one of the most successful companies in the world, said that an “explosion” in the computing world is a turning point that he describes as “technology renaissance.” In a letter to the investor, Brin said:

“Every month, dizzying new practices and transformable new techniques come out. We are in this “Technology Renaissance”, so to speak, in a very exciting time that we can see applications from almost every aspect of modern society.

Brin stated that Ethereum also contributed to this, thanks to the ever-increasing demand for better GPU coprocessors, which he needed and led to more powerful machine learning.

Brin, before quoting Moore’s Law and adding more, stressed:

“There are certain factors that play a causative role in this information explosion. The second factor is the greater demand from GPU-friendly business algorithms in today’s leading cryptographic currencies like Ethereum. ”

But the third and most important factor is the last 10 years and is nothing more than a unique revolution in machine learning.

This was possible thanks to the above-mentioned steadily increasing number of processors, as well as the driving force that made them the main goal of further development.

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Brin’s main focus was on learning the machine / bot, also known as artificial intelligence. Perhaps it’s using the world’s most difficult and complex machine learning algorithm to organize Google search results, but Brin says it is also used in many places outside of the mentioned area:

  • To recognize pictures in Google Photos;
  • In order for Waymo cars to be able to recognize and distinguish objects safely,
  • In order to significantly increase the quality of the camera and sound in our equipment,
  • To translate more than 100 languages ​​in Google Translate;
  • In order to be able to create subtitles and headings of billions of videos on the 10th on Youtube,
  • To increase the productivity of our data centers;
  • In order to make it easier for doctors to diagnose diseases such as Sugar retinoapthyis;
  • In order to be able to discover new planetary systems;
  • To be able to create better neural networks (AutoML);

… and for more.

Perhaps because the letter he issued with reference to the classical “best of times, perhaps the worst of times” (Charles Dickens, the story of two cities) declared a renaissance we can say that it was the most remarkable.

Many technological developments in the past century have been gathered together and turned into a very powerful field, and as a matter of fact, it improves the intelligence of mankind.

The ability to “be aware” around them with the ability to “feel” the machines, boots or any inanimate object with the basic memory they acquire through computer chips, the ability to “communicate” with the help of wi-fi and then ” “And it gives them” money “, it becomes possible for these machines to transfer assets.

If this is combined with a potential global climate of peace, it makes it possible for a man to enter a golden age of a kind he has never seen before.

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