IOTA/USD Price Prediction: Is IOTA the future | WTO Report Mentioning IOTA (MIOTA) Over Blockchain

IOTA/USD Price Prediction: A recent report from World Trade Organization (WTO) titled “the future of world trade: How digital technologies are transforming global commerce” expresses the future of the global trade and how it will be transformed by different technologies, especially the blockchain technology.

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The report speaks about the blockchain technology that it can help make things better for small and medium-sized businesses (SME). But, the most interesting thing about the report is that it shows IOTA (MIOTA) as more advanced technology than blockchain. Take a quick look at what report says:

“Blockchain is the most well-known distributed ledger technology (DLT), but an increasing number of other models are being developed that, like Blockchain, are distributed and use various cryptographic techniques, but that are moving away from the concept of “blocks” – or even from both the concepts of “blocks” and “chains”. One example of this is IOTA, a cryptocurrency10 designed for machine-to-machine communication, in which each transaction is linked to two previous transactions as part of the validation process to form a “tangle” rather than a chain.”

The report indicates that IOTA Tangle has potential to emerge as one of the most adopted technologies across business community.  Because, it provides all benefits of blockchain technology and also solves the issues in the blockchain, like scalability. Given the fact that the top institutions like WTO mentioning IOTA, implies that it is one of the top technologies and have a chance of adoption at a large scale.


IOTA (MIOTA) is already being adopted by different industries. For example, Mobility industries that are slow in working and moving towards the automation, have greatly affiliated IOTA as the technology which would lead mobility industries to autonomous vehicles. IOTA is also set to transform the car insurance industry, indicated by Biotasphere not long before.

The fact all these industries adopting the IOTA validates that IOTA is going to take over different industries soon. As more industries and institutions get their hands on IOTA Tangle, chances are that this could be the leading technology that would drive the world towards decentralization in future. Basically, WTO’s report, which is world’s popular international trade regulatory institution, mentioning IOTA as revolutionary technology, is itself considerable thing.

Being adopted by the number of industries, IOTA (MIOTA) is emerging as one of the best technologies for day-to-day businesses. This makes IOTA one of the potential cryptocurrency in the market. After Bull Run comes in market, there are chances that IOTA (MIOTA) will beat its highs of 2017; it is gaining market visibility by growing adoption, as compared to the last year. Hence, IOTA is the future of decentralization. Its usage in payments industry will surely speed-up adoption of IOTA Tangle at large scales in near future.

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