DASH/USD Price Prediction: This Dash Point of Sale (PoS) allows merchants to accept Cryptocurrencies in Minutes

DASH/USD Price Prediction: The rise of cryptocurrencies exploded in the internet market in recent times. Currently, Digital Economy is worth $3 Trillion and it is set to increase in the future. But, still, there is small number of merchants that accept cryptocurrency as payment. Accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies is not much difficult nowadays using upcoming tools that help to accept cryptocurrencies with few clicks. And, with the rise of stablecoins, the issues of price volatility and others have been solved also.

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Using these tools, you don’t need to worry about the limits on amount of cryptocurrencies you can store after starting receiving them. And, you should not avoid using these tools with belief that these are only for small and medium-sized business (SME).


There are number of tools that accept cryptocurrencies. But have a look at AnyPay, a new Point of Sale (PoS) system that enables you to accept or receive Dash and other cryptocurrencies at business of yours. It is already being used by its creator, Steven Zeiler on his own retail store.

You can use AnyPay in any type of store. You just need to sign-up on official website in order to accept Dash cryptocurrency. After accepting, you can convert it into dollars by paying small fees.

AnyPay is very easy tool to get started with. Anyone requires seconds to master the method of accepting Dash.

It is compatible with almost all platforms including Desktop, Mobile, and other devices. Also, it is not hard to set-up the payment. Android (using Chrome), iPhone or iPad (using Safari) for registration on official website. After registration, you will be directed to option: “Add Coin Address”, to set address of each coin you accept. These addresses can be changed through Admin Dashboard later.

For accepting coins, you need to click the option: “Merchant Point of Sale App”; accept the Dash in the payment screen by entering the amount of product in USD. Then, click the button “Collect Amount” at the bottom of payment screen. After few seconds, a QR code will be shown to you. Now, you have to scan QR code through your mobile Dash wallet, and it will register the option of receiving Dash cryptocurrency equivalent to the amount given in USD.

By clicking “invoices”, you can confirm all Dash transactions done and their status – either paid or unpaid. Also, there are options to pair merchant device, check out payment history and invoices.


AnyPay got rapid usage from Dash because of its low fees and fast transaction processing. Apart from that, they have introduced DashBack feature also, which shows the earning of each customer through getting bonus on each transaction processed by the system. Means people started to get paid for spending rather paying them for hodl.

Dash cryptocurrency will get boost from POS. Dash itself is accepted by number of merchants all over the world. For example, Discover Dash is based on directory system that lists more than 3500 Dash merchants. Dash DAO funded this project; it looks to increase adoption of Dash digital currency by providing single tool for Dash community; so that they can easily find and reach Dash accepting businesses.

The list shows that there are 1903 listings of businesses accepting Dash in Venezuela, more than 460 merchants receiving Dash as payment in US, followed by Canada with 139, 138 in Germany, 107 in Australia, 91 in Austria, and 66 in UK.

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