Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: Ethereum Classic (ETC) Partnering with Blockfolio Signal as Investors Exit

The Crypto Space has grown rapidly within short period of time, and investors are following trends while diversifying their crypto portfolios simultaneously. In order to get into the rising boom, Ethereum Classic is associating with Blockfolio Signal to be a part of platform that helps investors to manage their portfolios.

The platform will help Ethereum Classic Developers and network cooperatives to easily share the updates and latest developments to ecosystem. To get connected, you just need to have Blockfolio app installed in your phone and start getting notifications from the sources. This is much easier than following posts on social media and news channels.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today – ETC / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic & Blockfolio Combination

Ethereum Classic is putting lot of efforts towards transforming their ecosystem to give it a competitive edge in the face of strong competition in Dapps world. The stable development pace has examined increase in coin visibility after being added in the platforms like Robinhood and Skrill.

The development platform will see more announcements and updates coming through; having one central place to keep their growing user base up-to-date could not be done better than now. Hence, choosing a Blockfolio Signal truly make sense to keep ETC updates at one-stop for whole community.

Introduction to Blockfolio Signal

Blockfolio is simple and easy-to-use app that helps you manage your portfolios comprising different digital assets. It provides support for more than 3000 digital assets; it is not used for ETC only.

There are lot more portfolio management apps but Blockfolio Signal provides you one-stop store for the whole portfolio of yours.

Blockfolio’s Social Media Manager describes the application as:

“Think of Signal as a place to gather insight into the projects in your portfolio. A way to find out the latest news, updates and exciting announcements from the executive leadership of the tokens you HODL. No middle man. No waiting for a press release or catching that elusive tweet at the right time. We’ve created a single place for you to get the information you need, the moment it becomes available.”

Ethereum Classic (ETC) facing serious hurdles while maintaining the ETC price as Investors exit

Recently, ETC price saw drop from $18 to $10 against USD. But, the coin has managed to get 1.85% rise against USD; the price is not behaving the way what development team has achieved in the same period.

On September 1, ETC price increases to $12.71 and fall down to $11.22 at the end of the month, which shows the loss of around 12%. The volume of ETC has seen major drop in different exchanges also.

The investors’ preference for ETC/BTC or ETC/USDT clearly shows that there is significant exit from ETC to BTC, or investors constantly using USDT stable coin to exit to fiat, could be the reasons of ETC price instability.

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