VeChain (VET/USD) Price Prediction: VeChain Value Projected to Rise Again Courtesy of Another Major Partnership

The crypto markets are currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. Even though some tokens are experiencing a massive pump, most of them are either in the red or gradually attaining value. Regarding VeChain, the present price momentum fails to mirror the continuing developments behind the scenes.

When evaluating the present Vechain momentum, the future is a bit foggy. With the latest negative trend in mind, it is exciting to figure when this digital currency will regain. It is true cryptocurrencies are struggling right now, basically because Bitcoin prices are also stagnant.

In the last 48 hours, the value of VeChain has deteriorated by just 1.5%. This is not the biggest drop in the history of VeChain, but it depicts that an uneasy momentum is still in place.

VeChain’s Partnership with DNV GL

VeChain’s established partnership with DNV GL to create new solutions using VeChain’s blockchain ecosystem cannot be assumed. This is a big milestone that further reflects the potential of blockchain technology, particularly concerning the creation of new services or modifying the prevailing products. It is also another proof of the potential of VeChain and VeChainThor.

Investors’ Expectations

Seemingly, VeChain traders and investors are highly anticipating the value of VeChain to skyrocket soon. Some have openly expressed their views that VET price is on the verge of turning bullish in the coming weeks. Even though this is possible, the value of VET will majorly depend on how Bitcoin behaves in the coming days.

Plan to Add VET to the Hoard Mobile Wallet

In addition, there is a community agenda to have VET listed in the Hoard mobile wallet and the linked decentralized exchange. VET is among the coins available for selection, and the VeChain community is determined to have it listed in the Hoard mobile wallet. Though it is not clear when the coin will be added, it is another option that will influence the value of VET.

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