IOTA (MIOTA) Future Forecast: How IOTA Creates a Bright Future for the Internet of Things

The IOTA tangle is gaining more applications every day, and the tech space is starting to embrace the capacity of IOTA as a revolutionary invention. One of the best applications of IOTA (MIOTA) that has excited many people is the automotive insurance sector.

The Benefits of this Application

This application was developed by Biotasphere, and if embraced well, can lead to more than 70% cost savings to the automotive insurance sector. It is a huge milestone for IOTA for investing in a multibillion-dollar sector that will undeniably have a great influence on the value of IOTA (MIOTA).

IOTA Application in Space Exploration

Another exciting application of IOTA tangle lies in space exploration. This use case as being labelled a “big deal” that almost every IOTA investor and enthusiast would have anticipated, but one that is attainable. The capacity of IOTA in space exploration was recently established by Spacebit during the astronautical session in Germany. Spacebit is intending to create space carriers using the IOTA Qubic.

IOTA Application in Real Estate

In addition, IOTA (MIOTA) has been established to be essential in modifying the idea of housing. A report by IOTA Hispano Rafael Presa discusses the idea of Housing-as-a-service, and how it would transform housing. According to the article, the IOTA tangle would be essential in actualizing the housing concept, and housing individuals who are not interested in the traditional housing concept. The IOTA tangle can realise this agenda better than the blockchain technology since it is more versatile.

If this idea is achieved, it would transform the real estate industry, and bring big intrinsic value to the IOTA tangle.

The Implication of these Applications

From all these potential applications, it is evident that the capacity of IOTA tangle is limitless. IOTA (MIOTA) holds the capacity to revolutionize literally any sector. It is just a matter of time before these applications are felt.

For investors, these applications make IOTA (MIOTA) one of the best potential investments in the crypto world. Conceivably, this is a trillion-dollar cryptocurrency in making, one with the real capacity to transform the world.

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