Whale Move Thousands of BTC for Pennies, Multinational Adopts Ripple, Cardano, Ethereum and Litecoin: Crypto Highlights

It has been an eventful month in the crypto space. From a mass sale of bitcoin by a whale to new updates on Cardano, these are some of the news making rounds in the crypto sphere.

Bitcoin Whale Move a Massive Amount of Bitcoin for Pennies

The bitcoin market was in a frenzy when news outlets revealed that an individual moved $194 million worth of bitcoin. The interesting part of the story is that the transaction fee was just 0.00001464 BTC which is equivalent to $0.10. As such, the crypto community eagerly pointed out that cases like these prove that crypto is indeed a revolutionary tool.

Ripple and XRP

One of the latest financial institutions to join Ripple’s RippleNet is MoneyNetInt. The company which facilitates transfers and currency exchanges for companies and firms all over the globe announced in a tweet that it has adopted Ripple XRP. MoneyNetInt wrote:

“As of today, we are proud to announce that @MoneyNetInt has joined #RippleNet ! Joining @Ripple and their Global Payment Network will allow us to process customers’ #payments anywhere in the world #instantly , #reliably & cost-effectively! #fintech #ecommerce #paymentsolutions pic.twitter.com/KSOCwIssLc”

Litecoin Gets Listed On Gemini

Litecoin is the new addition to the list of cryptocurrencies supported by New York-based crypto exchange Gemini. In response to the launch, Litecoin’s founder, Charlie Lee tweeted:

“Ever since MtGox announced Litecoin support in 2013 and failed to deliver, I’ve been on a mission to get LTC added to exchanges to help increase liquidity. With the launch of LTC on Gemini today, every single major Bitcoin exchange supports Litecoin. Mission accomplished!”

In addition, Gemini is planning on listing Bitcoin Cash next month.

OX Listed On Coinbase

Coinbase made the news when it listed OX on its platform. An earlier report revealed that Coinbase will be expanding the scope of its business in order to survive the persistent bearish crypto market. Coinbase’s move to list OX is one of the strategies adopted to retain its dominance in the crypto market. There are ongoing plans to add more coins to the platform in the near future.

The Crypto Lark Interviews Cardano’s Founder Charles Hoskinson.

YouTube’s Crypto Lark had a lengthy talk with Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson. The topic discussed were Hoskinson’s decision to leave the Cardano Foundation as well as the latest developments in the Cardano ecosystem.

Ethereum Used To Power a Drone

A company which is working on blockchain-based transportation protocol released a video on YouTube of an ethereum blockchain-powered drone in action. The protocol functions as a decentralized transportation mechanism for both manned and self-driven vehicles.

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