Ripple’s XRP Getting Worldwide Acceptance

Ripple’s (XRP), which is the third largest cryptocurrency in market cap, is getting worldwide acceptance in finance and other sectors; the trend continues rapidly.

Ripple has partnered with some biggest Fintech companies, and there are several startups and companies using Ripple’s technologies like xRapid which provide solutions for fast payments.

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During the Swell conference, Ripple announced official release of xRapid technology, while having three customers already. But, there are unknown large companies that have adopted xRapid.

xRapid Adoption by SADAD Bahrain

On 19th October, Today’s Gazette disclosed that a SADAD (Fintech company) that has successfully achieved payment in around 1.5 milliseconds, has significantly adopted xRapid. The company runs payments through app across the globe and it has over 750 kiosks in Bahrain.

SADAD states in latest brochure that it has deployed Ripple’s xRapid technology for easy payment across India and UAE.

Company existing in 7600 locations across 26 countries has adopted xRapid

This may not be known to most people but the fact is that Viamericas is also one of the countries that have implemented xRapid, which itself a big thing.

Viamericas has presence in more than 7600 locations across 26 countries including US. It is a popular payments and transfer platform that offers global money transfer across thousands of locations.

While this partnership has clearly shown the world that Ripple is much more than what critics and competitors say, as it provides more powerful financial solutions that are hard to avoid.

As TheOofy reported earlier Ripple (XRP) is set to expand Partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Omni Users Can Now Accept XRP

In start of 2018, Ripple announced that they desire to invest in businesses with established entrepreneurs via Xpring; an initiative that meant to fund entrepreneurs who want to join Ripple ecosystem.

Omni is one of the first companies that get funds through Xpring. It is co-founded by Thomas Macleod and Stefan Thomas, a former CTO of Ripple.

The company allows users to accept XRP, which is the new development because this is the first time that any person can actually receive XRP outside of any trade or exchange platform.

Moneynetint Partners with RippleNet

Recently, company based in London which provides foreign exchange services, Moneynetint has decided to use decentralized payment technology of Ripple. It has become a new member of Ripple’s ongoing associations with more than 100 banks, remittance operators, and payment providers.

No wonder that Ripple is appealing number of entities in financial sector to adopt it because it provides fast, efficient, and secure solutions for payments.

Finally, Ripple has tagged in its latest brochure: “On-Demand Liquidity: Harnessing the power of XRP on RippleNet”; suggesting that Viamericas, IDT, Cualix, MercuryFX, and several other companies are adopting xRapid.

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