Augur REP Price Surges as the Forecast Foundation Moves to Improve Platform.

There are many ways developers are using blockchain to solve real-life problems. Occasionally, we see blockchain projects that are tackling issues which we often regard as unconventional. One blockchain project that fits right into this mix is the Augur project. Augur is an ethereum based platform which uses real-world developments to predict markets.

A month after it went live, the Augur platform had 300 customers. However, the number of active users on the platform has drastically reduced with the present figure lower than 100. Kevin Rooke in September tweeted:

“Augur had 25 users in the last 24 hours. Roughly one person per hour. That’s a 90% drop in users since launch week back in July. Augur is currently the 44th ranked ETH dApp by users.“

Limitations of the Augur Platform

Interestingly, the platform’s prediction processor or skills is not the major factor contributing to the decline. Instead, customers are not happy with the user interface of the platform as well as the consumer expertise.

Another issue the platform has is the unavailability of access points to the open markets. Currently, the only way users can only access open markets via tags, however, users are demanding more alternatives. In addition, Augur’s customers are demanding flexible search structures with filters like liquidity, quantity and alphabetically.

New and Future Augur Updates

To rectify this, the Augur team is presently working on ways to resolve these issues. As such, new updates will likely modify some of the features and functions of the platform. This will effectively correct and improve the platform’s speed, the consumer expertise and the profitability of customers. Obviously, the team has to work extensively on the platform’s code. As a result, the platform released the v1.5.0 version of their app which solves some of the issues plaguing the Augur platform. In addition, the team is currently working on implementing Augur v2.

The team will drastically modify the current user interface (UI) as well as the User expertise (UX) which bodes well for the easy navigation of the platform. Also, some modifications are already in full effect as users can now search, type, and view Augur markets through Predictions International. However, Prediction International is a third-party website that is not affiliated with Augur’s Forecast Foundation. Nevertheless, it seems that Augur’s team is welcoming the added search option Predictions International is offering its users.

As at press time, Augur is selling for $13.20 which is a 7 percent price surge in the last 7 days.


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