Ethereum Classic Price Heads for Double Digits Later Today

The price of Ethereum Classic (ETC)—the smarter, decentralized blockchain that is immutable and unstoppable, could hit double digits later today. This is despite the red lines currently displaying on the crypto space.

All the same, ETC was designed to take digital assets further. Besides allowing users to send and receive value, ETC permits complex contracts to operate autonomously without modification or censorship. As recorded on their official website, Ethereum classic is like a smartphone, which can do much more than a landline phone.

Currently, most major cryptocurrencies have slumped. Despite that, ETC seems to be experiencing positive changes in its pricing albeit slowly. As circumstances stand, a small gain could make the cryptocurrency hit double digits. According to CMC, Ethereum classic currently trades at $9.79 with a market cap of slightly more than one billion US dollars.

Small Upward Moves

It’s been long since the value of Ethereum classic hit $20 or more. While many altcoin enthusiasts would love to see the same situation arise again, pointers are clear that it might not be possible anytime soon. However, the cryptocurrency has been making small upward moves regardless of the negative momentum that caught the crypto space for the most part of 2018.

Going by the price trends for ETC in the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency made a 2.5% gain in USD value and another 3% gain over Bitcoin. With these figures in the radar, the price of ETC could hit $10 quite soon.

The beginning of good things to come

Well, $10 is not what some users would like to see on the ETC price index. However, with the consistent upward moves, users can be confident that ETC stands a good chance of moving up the crypto ladder.

The biggest news for ETC

In an interesting move, this week also saw Ethereum Classic added to the deVere Crypto’s application, after ZCash. While it remains unclear what positive benefits this will bring to the ETC price, any attention is a welcome move.

Besides, it looks like ETC is gaining more focus lately. This is evidenced by a new video, “Real Talk: Ethereum Classic,” which is trending on social media. Such videos receive a lot of views from the enthusiasts of this particular altcoin, even if it’s not a promotional video.

A profit making opportunity

If you are looking for an opportunity to make some profit, ETC provides a good fit. By selling the cryptocurrency on YoBit after purchasing it from various exchanges including Binance, Poloniex, or KuCoin, you can make interesting gains. All the same, liquidity concerns come handy because YoBit is just a small crypto exchange platform with a relatively low trading volume.

Final thoughts

With all the indicators and momentum in place, it appears that the price of Ethereum Classic might hit $10 in the coming hours. This could be a positive gain for ETC holders and enthusiasts. There are also clear signs that the price might as well go past that mark as well. Based on how the crypto market behaves in the coming hours, things might also change positively for other cryptocurrencies.

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