New Partnerships and Potential Listing Could Trigger a Verge XVG Bull Run

So far, the XVG has mimicked the bearish run of the crypto market as it continues to slide down the pecking order. In particular, Verge XVG’s present ranking is a long way from its position when reports revealed in the second quarter that it was partnering with Pornhub. Therefore, the development team is looking for new ways to fast-track the mass adoption of XVG.

Netcent Partners With the Verge Cryptocurrency

Last week, NetCents in a press release revealed that it had entered a joint agreement with Verge. As such, NetCents will integrate the Verge cryptocurrency into its ecosystem while Verge will use its platforms/channels to promote NetCents. The press release detailed the following:

“NetCents will work to fully-integrate Verge into the NetCents ecosystem including: merchant gateway, user portal, and credit card and Instant Settlement programs, as well as promote the inclusion of Verge to NetCents merchants.”

Verge Features in the European NASCAR Series

On the 19th of October, Verge’s official twitter handle announced that the cryptocurrency will feature in the final event of the European NASCAR series on the 20thof October.

“#EU #Nascar Driver Gil Linster #44 will be representing #VERGE on his SS Chevrolet at the final event in the #Whelen Euro Series season – October 20th on the Zolder raceway in #Belgium.#Vergecurrency #XVG #GilLinster #NascarWhelenEuroSeries #Luxembourg”, according to the tweet. As revealed in the tweet, Linster’s SS Chevrolet race car and his helmet bore the Verge logo.

The Verge Community Votes for XVG in Netcoin’s Free Listing Competition

Verge’s core developer, Manual Cabras recently asked the Verge community to vote for the XVG coin to be listed on NetCoins. Cabras wrote:

“Dear #Vergefam, we applied for NetCoins and now need you to vote! Rules : – 1 vote per day – No fake votings, no bots! – Only e-mail is required (remember to verify the first time!) – it’s free (of course)”

Currently, NetCoins is reviewing the votes and the platform will announce the winner of the voting exercise this week. However, XVG had the highest votes at the end of the competition. The listing of verge on NetCoins platform will definitely increase the coin’s liquidity.

Clearly, the Verge team has doubled its effort to market the Verge brand in the past few weeks. Nonetheless, this developments and efforts have not had the desired effect on the price of Verge XVG. The coin has recorded an 10 percent decline in 14 days and it is presently selling for $0.014354. However, it is certain that the prospect of XVG will experience a boost if NetCoins adds it to its platform.

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