The Æternity Team Releases Report On Upcoming Updates And The Procedures To Migrate AE Tokens.

On October 23, the æternity team released a report on the progress it had made on the ongoing Epoch Release 0.25.0. The team revealed that it had started work on the project and it recently finalized some of the features it will include in the update.

One of the prominent features the team will be optimizing is the VM’s performance. In addition, the æternity team will carry out an extensive test on the remote smart contract calls. This move will ensure the correct update of the smart contract. Further, the team will implement a replay protection for transactions that will protect users. The team acknowledged that there is currently no replay protection in place to deter transaction replay during forks. The team explained:

“if the chain splits at height “n” and a user sends a transaction at height “n+2” to chain “A”, then a malicious actor can replay their transaction on split chain “B”.”

Finally, the team is planning on introducing governance parameters for the network’s base gas per transaction. According to the publication, the spend transaction’s base gas will become lower than creating or call for a contract’s base gas. Therefore, various ongoing tests are looking to ascertain the practicality of the gas fees the team is planning on utilizing. As such, the team has to consider some factors before concluding on standard gas fees.

One of the factors considered is the minimum gas fees MinGasTx-Nthat the network will charge each transaction. However, the gas fees will not be fixed as it will depend on the transaction’s content. In addition, it will take an average three seconds to create block candidate with the maximum Block gas MaxBlockGas. And, it will take 1-second max for “the validation of MicroBlock filled with MaxblockGas.”

AE Token Migration

At the moment, the AE tokens are on the ethereum blockchain, and the team is working on moving these tokens to its native blockchain the æternity blockchain. The team revealed in another post that the migration process will include four phases which will run till September 2019. The post went further to detail procedures which users can follow to migrate their tokens.

The price performance of the AE token data shows that the token experienced a 21.4% 14-days price surge. As at press time, the token is selling for $1.28 and has a market cap of $298,563,514. Analysts have attributed the price surge to recent developments and adoption of the æternity blockchain technology. Earlier this month, DSTQQ implemented æternity’s Oracle system to its platform. In addition, the æternity team released a Javascript SDK for developers building DApps on the æternity blockchain.

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