Cryptocurve to Become Compatible With ICON and Aion Ahead Of ICO

On October 23, CryptoCurve announced on its official medium post that it will be integrating with ICON (ICX) and Aion (AION) blockchain ecosystems. The blockchain-based service provider revealed that it is working on tweaking its protocol’s compatibility with both the Aion and ICON ecosystems. According to the post, CryptoCurve has completed the integration with the Aion network while the proposed integration with the ICON ecosystem will commence soon.

In addition, CryptoCurve revealed that the Curve wallet’s updates slated for the end of this month will include the completed Aion ecosystem integration protocol. CryptoCurve went further to explain that the integration will be beneficial to the participants of the CrytpoCurve ecosystem.

“This integration will allow users of CryptoCurve’s applications to benefit from the scalability and interconnectivity of the entire Blockchain Interoperability Alliance.”

In particular, the integration will let the ICON and Aion blockchain support the Curve wallet. As such, users of the Curve wallet will have access to both blockchains. Further, developers utilizing CryptoCurve’s CurveSDK toolkit will be able to build applications that support the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance.

”Developers using the CurveSDK will be able to build new applications with the standardization and inter-connectivity of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance at their disposal.”

CryptoCurve is yet to release the beta version of its Curve wallet. Also, it is working on introducing its sidechain development kit SDK that will help developers access standardized tools. In the near future, CryptoCurve will launch Curve Labs, which is a blockchain startup accelerator.

The Blockchain Interoperability Alliance

On December 5, 2017, ICON revealed that it had joined a blockchain interconnectivity system dubbed the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance. The alliance presently functions as a bridge between the three isolated blockchain networks which include ICON, Aion, and Wanchain. Apparently, the alliance will resolve blockchain’s scalability issues and fast-track mainstream adoption.

“The inability for isolated blockchains to communicate with one another is a recurring problem in the decentralized landscape. Isolated inter-blockchain communication can put a strain to blockchain’s scalability and mainstream adoption.”

As such, the three blockchain project will collaborate on researches involving interchain communication and transactions. In addition, the alliance will allow all three isolated networks to share researches and protocol architecture.

It is safe to say that the CryptoCurve will be the first project to take advantage of this alliance. Therefore, the implementation of the CurveSDK will allow developers to create applications that fully support ICX, AION, and WAN. Clearly, blockchain networks are realizing that interconnectivity and partnership is one of the ways to survive the persistent bearish run of the crypto market.

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