Lisk Traded at 0.6% Less This Week

Lisk (LSK) is the common fork of a digital currency called Crypti. The cofounder of Lisk, Max Koredk, invented the fork form to create his blockchain for smart contracts and dApp development. This took place in 2016, the same year Microsoft collaborated with Lisk to solve issues in Microsoft Azure Service. Recently, Lisk was displaced from the top 20 rankings, but we strongly believe that this is a short-term situation as LSK has a huge potential.

Lisk’s Mission

The primary goal of Lisk is to empower even non-tech businesses to create their decentralized dApps. Lisk interface is tremendously user-friendly and advanced computing skills are not a necessity. What distinguishes Lisk from rivals like Ethereum is that it employs side chains. Currently, the crypto world doesn’t have a dire need for side chains, but as the space evolves and more dApps are made, the likelihood of more errors occurring will also increase.

The challenge with single blockchain protocols like Ethereum is that when a dApp running on the Ethereum protocol encounters issues because of poor coding or external threats, it will affect the entire ecosystem and all the dApps developed there. This is a big challenge considering that the probability of that taking place is even more significant since Ethereum inventors must first learn Solidity language. This being a new language might even be a challenge of its own and might not even be the dApp inventors’ mistake since the entire blockchain is compromised.

Lisk Price Analysis for the Last One Week

Lisk was valued at 1.7% lower against the US dollar during a 24-hour period ending on 2nd October. One Lisk currency is currently trading at $2.94 or 0.00045608 BTC on most crypto exchanges like Cryptopia,, COSS, and OKEx. In the last one week, Lisk has traded less 0.6% against the US dollar. The coin enjoys a market capitalization of $328.31 million, and averagely $6.67 worth of LSK was circulated in the last one day.

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