Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Price Prediction: Future Forecast for the End of 2018 2019 2020 2025

During the second week of October 2018, Bitcoin Private, one of the most famous privacy coins was the victim of a 51% attack that was supposed to be live streamed by an “ethical” hacker who wanted to demonstrate the vulnerability in BTCP.

However, the hacker named GeoCold “Mischief Maker” didn’t move on with his intention, additionally being banned from two different live streaming portals as the portals interfered and banned the live streaming of the attack on BTCP.

While the hacker could have made it with forking the entire BTCP network that way being able to double spend the coins, BTCP went on declining against the fiat.

With barely being able to find a chance for collecting some serious gains, does Bitcoin Private have a strong case for a rebound by the end of 2018?

Bitcoin Private Price Prediction: How Far Can BTCP Go by the End of 2018?

Even though BTCP got two new listings in the course of only several days in the last week of October, now being available on Change Hero and Safe Trade Exchange, we can see that Bitcoin Private is not doing pretty well in the market.

Perhaps the demonstrated vulnerability in the network that took place on October 13th with a hacker attack, although ethical and without casualties is additionally affecting the active decline of this privacy coin.

Bitcoin Private is thus seen traded at the price of a bit over 2$ as recorded at the end of October, to where it declined by over -96%, considering it a great loss.

The loss of -96% is a sum up of all losses collected during the period of the last seven months since making it to its all-time high back in March 2018 when one BTCP was traded at nearly 90$.

Can Bitcoin Private Rebound Prior to the End of 2018?

It is considered in form of an ecstatic expectation that the beginning of 2019 and the end of 2018 will bring some major increases, similar to the mass rebound we could see at the end of 2017 and the beginni9ng of 2018.

If this case actually takes place, BTCP could as well acquire a healthy rebound which should help it reach at least a price of 5$ by the beginning of 2019.

However, the current stats don’t speak in favor of Bitcoin Private.

Besides from declining on weekly charts by over -10% and over -12% in the last 7 and 14 days, BTCP is also dipping on its monthly charts.

That is how Bitcoin Private is sinking in the red by -20% in the last month, and over -48% in the period of the last two months.

Bitcoin Private and New Exchange Listings

If anything, Bitcoin Private was listed on at least four different exchange markets in the period of the last two weeks, which includes Change Hero, Safe Trade exchange, Raisex exchange, Crypto Deal exchange, and Graviex, which could eventually increase its exposure in the months to come.

Last, but not the least, Bitcoin Private announced on Twitter that they have submitted their application for Coinbase, which should be the greatest factor that could induce a price pump for BTCP.

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