Genesis Vision (GVT) Price Prediction: Is GVT Going Up or Down by the End of 2018 2019 2020 2025?

Genesis Vision (GVT) is a platform based on smart contract technology, which further allows for a decentralized private investment market. GVT is ranked above the top 100 list, taking place of the 108th largest currency.

Genesis Vision has had a good run for the past couple of months while it was collecting gains against the fiat; however, GVT then started to lose on its value due to the market dip that notably struck it.

As GVT is trading at over -7% lower value to where it declined in less than 24 hours on October 28th, Genesis Vision is currently valued at the price of a bit over 12$ per one unit.

Although this price seems like an adequate appreciation of value behind the GVT token, Genesis Vision touched its record price back at the beginning of January.

Back at the beginning of 2018 GVT was valued at 41$, however, it declined by -68% in the course of the last 9 months.

Now that Genesis Vision is caught up in a market dip which brought it -10% for the period of the last seven days due to the latest dip, will GVT go up and above the price of 12$ or decline further below it?

Genesis Vision Price Prediction: Forecast for GVT by the End of 2018

Many are expecting to see a repeated success of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019, hoping to see the market spiking against the dollar in the same manner as at the end of 2017 and the beginning of the current year.

However, there are not many indicators that could vigorously confirm that the market is able to bounce off big time against the frequent market dips that somewhat marked the year of 2018.

Genesis Vision has had a good run in the last couple of months, despite being ranked below the top 100.

That is how GVT is going up by 4.5% in the past two weeks, while we can see it at a flattering pace of growth in the course of the last 30 days where the token went up by over 32%.

Moreover, Genesis Vision added 80% to its value in the past two months, which is a clear indicator that GVT is less likely to plummet far below its current price of 12$ by the end of 2018.

Genesis Vision: Will it Go Up or Down by the End of 2018 and the Beginning of 2019?

Although some analysts are speculating that GVT might lose half of its value by the end of this year due to the declining market trends, going down towards 5$ per one unit of Genesis Vision, past gains might be showing another case.

The fact that GVT offers a solid use case derived from the blockchain technology, is one more reason to believe the token could stick with its current price or spike in the following months to breach the resistance of 15$ with the possibility of getting at least 18% closer to its record price of 41$.

Moreover, Genesis Vision entered an official partnership with OKEx exchange which allows the GVT project to enable investors from their platform to easily trade with around 500 tokens on the mentioned exchange.

This case could represent a needed price boost factor for GVT in the time of the market crisis. Keywords: gvt price prediction reddit, gvt price prediction 2018, gvt price prediction 2019, genesis vision price, genesis vision price prediction 2020, gvt coin price, genesis vision reddit, genesis vision competition

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