November Cryptocurrency Predictions Report: Verge (XVG), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) forecast to be the top performing coins, but Tron (TRX) could fall

Verge (XVG) predicted to grow by 76% this month

TRON (TRX) expected to see fall of -10% by 1 December 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) forecast to increase 29% this month and 164% by the end of 2019

XRP (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS) top three coins picked for 2019

Verge (XVG), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) are expected to be the most successful cryptocurrencies in November, ending two months of limited price fluctuations in the market.

The experts on personal finance comparison site’s latest monthly Cryptocurrency Predictions Survey predict Verge to lead the way, with a rise of 76 percent by 1 December 2018. This is followed by Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), at 32 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

It’s not good news for every coin though, as Tron (TRX) is expected to see a fall over the next month. Despite the experts predicting a bright 2019 for the coin (80% growth), they believe its value will drop by 10 percent in November.

Looking ahead to 2019, XRP (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS) are the coins expected to see the biggest price rise. XRP is forecast to experience the greatest growth at 327 percent, followed closely by Ethereum (211%) and EOS (189%). While the panellists believe EOS will see only slight growth over the next month with a 13 percent rise, they’re confident that it will increase at a faster rate in 2019.

Bitcoin is also set to experience steady growth over the next year, with an average predicted value of US$16,732 (£12,862) by the end of 2019. This would mean the currency would be nearing levels the coin reached at its peak in January of 2018.

The panellists suggest that while bitcoin has appeared to stabilise recently, it is difficult to predict it’s value with great certainty due to the Exchange Traded Fund and BAKKT cryptocurrency exchange announcement on the way before December 1, 2018.

The only coin that the experts believe will drop in value over the course of 2019 is Bytecoin (BCN). They foresee a brief rise of 3 percent this month, but an overall decline of 5 percent next year.

Price comparison site releases November Cryptocurrency Predictions Survey including forecasts for the end of 2019, 13 coins forecast

Comparing the forecast market capitalisations** for bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH) – the only three of the 10 coins with reported number of coins available – Ethereum (ETH) is predicted to see the highest growth by the end of the year (243 percent). This is followed by bitcoin (BTC) with a 177 percent increase, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), with an increase of 77 percent.

The ten panellists in the November Cryptocurrency Predictions Report include:

Craig Cobb: Founder of, designed to educate people on crypto trading in a way that is simple, easy and logical

Alisa Gus: CEO of WishKnish, a blockchain gamified social market network aimed at helping communities grow, and founding member of the DC Digital Economy Hub

Fred Schebesta: Co-founder of global comparison site and OTC cryptocurrency trading platform Award-winning entrepreneur

Joseph Raczynski: Technologist and futurist, at and Reuters, technology consultant and manager specialising in Blockchain technology

Joerg Molt: CEO of the Satoshi School, launched to teach people the basics of blockchain technology and how they can benefit from the speed and efficiency of the currency

Genson Glier: Co-founder and CEO of BlockToken.AI, a next-generation token issuance platform that aims to simplify ICOs

Tiana Laurence: Founder of Laurence Ventures and author of Blockchain for Dummies, a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon.
Nerijus Tilvikas: COO of, a cryptocurrency exchange which specializes in simplifying fiat-to-cryptocurrency conversions
Rabbi Ahmed: Head of trading for Bit Trade, Australia’s longest-running provider of digital currency trading services

Aaron LePOidevin: Adviser at Every Capital, Australia’s first retail crypto hedge fund

The full details of the survey, complete with comments from the panellists, can be found here:

Jon Ostler, UK CEO at says, “Some of our panellists believe external forces could shift the market greatly over the next month, and particularly for Bitcoin (BTC). The upcoming decisions on a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund being approved or not by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) deciding whether to accept the application by ICE backed cryptocurrency exchange, Bakkt, are expected before December 1. So at this stage, it’s difficult to predict exactly what will happen.

“When picking the up and coming coins for the next year, our panellists tended to select those that have strong protocols and backing. Many of our panellists suggest that the more developed or high-quality coins are grabbing their attention, rather than obscure small cap coins.

“The Finder Cryptocurrency Predictions Report was designed to help people understand the current cryptocurrency market, as well as how it could change over the next year. When reading this report, people should always remember to do their own research and make decisions based on their own personal financial circumstances.”

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