Crypto Forecast November 2018: Which Top Cryptos Could Potentially Sky Rocket?

November 2018 seems to have started on the right foot as the majority of cryptocurrencies are showcasing a positive pace of growth during the first days of November.

Some of the best performers from the top ten list are Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Dash (DASH) followed by IOTA (MIOTA) and Monero (XMR).

Bitcoin Cash makes up for a definite winner among the top 20 cryptocurrencies in accordance with Coin Market Cap, going up by over 30% against the fiat in the course of a single week, while Dash (DASH) is rising up by over 10% within the same timeframe.

List of All Cryptocurrencies

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Cardano (ADA)
Dash (DASH)
Monero (XMR)
Stellar (XLM)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Lisk (LSK)
VeChain (VET)
Qtum (QTUM)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
Tether (USDT)
OMG Network (OMG)
Binance Coin (BNB)
Nano (NANO)
Verge (XVG)
Zcash (ZEC)
Steem (STEEM)
Populous (PPT)
Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)
Bitcoin Private (BTCP)
Dogecoin (DOGE)

If the rest of the November will “serve” the cryptos as benevolently as during the first week, there could be some great odds of having a mass rebound that might lead towards establishing more positive market trends towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Crypto Forecast November 2018: Dips or Sky Rocketing Trips?

This month started out as pretty positive for the majority of cryptocurrencies, although it seems like Bitcoin (BTC) is having some issues with bouncing back up at an increased pace of growth.

This is the case as Bitcoin went up only by 1% against the fiat during the last seven days. However, BTC is still trading above 6,440$ per one unit, with a chance of going towards the price of 6,500 and up by the end of November.

On the brighter side of the market, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) seems to be one of the most progressive currencies in the market as of the recent case of events as BCH went up by over 20% in a single day at the beginning of November 2018.

Now we can see it up by over 32% in a single week, deeming it the most successful top crypto in the last week.

In case the cryptocurrency market continues at the current pace of growth by the end of November, there could be some room left for a mass rebound that so many crypto enthusiasts are expecting to see by the end of 2018.

What to Expect from Cryptocurrency Market in November 2018?

The cryptocurrency market has seen the biggest market crash during the year of 2018 as the majority of currencies started to lose on their value starting out from January after reaching their all-time highs.

Nearly -90% was lost with all market dips summed up, so the crypto market is surely looking vulnerable at the moment.

However, the first days of November have planted a seed of hope that the cryptos, at least with the top 20 cryptocurrencies that are currently going through a rebound phase for the past couple of days, still have a chance for skyrocketing by the end of 2018.

This case is reflecting on the weekly charts, having Ethereum recovering against the fiat as well, despite the fact that ETH has been setting new lows for the past couple of months, declining below the value of 200$ and going towards as low as 196$ per one unit in September 2018.

In case the first week of November 2018 is somewhat a sneak peek into what the market will look like during this month, crypto investors than have something to look forward to.

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