Bitcoin (BTC) Predictions for December 2018: Top BTC Forecasts

Bitcoin has lost around -67% since reaching a record price of nearly 20,000$ per one BTC, still struggling with rebounding despite the overall positive trend in the market.

Although Bitcoin is seen in a rebound as well during the last seven days, the top cryptocurrency, now having nearly 112 billion dollars in market cap has only collected 1% of gains against the fiat.


Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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As November 2018 started out in a positive connotation, for top cryptos and beyond, many crypto enthusiasts are expecting to see a major mass or near-mass rebound for top trading cryptocurrencies in December 2018.

Here are some top Bitcoin predictions for December 2018.

How Will Bitcoin Perform in December 2018?

The general opinion seems to be divided on the matter of Bitcoin price in December 2018.

While some crypto enthusiasts, influencers and market analysts believe that Bitcoin can easily head back to its all-time high of around 20,000$ and easily go even beyond it in the last month of 2018, other believe that BTC will head for another dip.

As dipping below the initial value of 6,000$ is a less viable option judging by the current state of the market, many are predicting that BTC will get closer to its all-time high.

However, since Bitcoin is still marking losses without evident factors that could radically affect its value on the positive note, perhaps the most realistic price for BTC by the end of December would be around 7,000$.

Based on the calculations supported by the current performance of Bitcoin against the fiat, it is considered that BTC might even go below 6,400$, but now below the initial price of 6,300$ by the end of December 2018.

But, there are definitely different opinions on the matter of Bitcoin price at the end of 2018.

Bitcoin Predictions for December 2018: Too Enthusiastic or Realistic?

As many Bitcoin holders are convinced that the value of BTC will see a significant rise in the market by December 2018 with the increased demand for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, the initial goal of these enthusiasts is market at 25,000$ per one BTC by the end of 2018.

Some indicate that Bitcoin might repeat the same or similar momentum it had during the last quarter of 2017.

In case we recall the value of BTC back in November 2017, at the beginning of the month, Bitcoin had the same price under which is being traded now in November 2018, at the value of around 6,440$.

During the last year at the same time, Bitcoin easily made it to the price above 8,000$ per one unit in the third week of November 2017.

From that point on towards mid-December 2017, BTC touched its record value, going from the value of 6,440$ to the price of nearly 20,000$ in the course of around 5 weeks.

In case Bitcoin is able to repeat this success by the end of December, the price of 20,000$ and above as predicted wouldn’t look as unrealistic as at the current moment when Bitcoin is being traded at -67% lower than in January of 2018.




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