Top Crypto Coins to Keep in Mind for November and December 2018

There are only two months before the end of this quarter, which means that 2018 is slowly but most certainly coming to an end.

This is why the majority of investors and crypto enthusiasts are wondering in which crypto to invest before the market takes off to another year with the upcoming 2019.

The first days of November already “rewarded” top cryptocurrencies with sets of gains and positive market trends, but, the negative trends are back once again and with it, the declines returned.

Still, many are expecting to see some major rises by the end of the year, ready to “place their bets” and make some promising cryptocurrency investments.

Which top crypto coins to keep in mind for November and December 2018?

Top Crypto Coins to Keep in Mind for November 2018

November 2018 is especially significant for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that made it from around 480$ to the value of 620$ in only 6 days, partially due to the positive market trends and partially due to the upcoming hard fork.

BCH fork might result in two separate chains, so Bitcoin Cash is a currency to watch over for the rest of November.

Further, Litecoin (LTC) is one of the most affected top cryptos taken down by the dips that took over the past several months, however, LTC got compatible with Facebook Messenger, altogether dipping less than any top crypto after the major rebound that ended two days ago. LTC had broken the resistance of 50$ but is expected to see it towards 70$.

Top Crypto Coins to Keep in Mind for December 2018

It is expected in general that December, especially the two ending weeks would be marked in some major rises as we are getting closer to the crescendo of 2018.

This is the time when every investor should look into the future potential of top cryptos, which means investing in cryptocurrencies with a strong focus on a certain industry or use case, also looking into previous performance and further potential.

One of the top cryptos that should make a comeback in price as well as in technical means is Ethereum (ETH). Struggling to keep the value above 220$, ETH still has a strong chance of acquiring a rebound by December 2018 and the end of 2018.

Further, some top cryptos that look more than promising are Cardano (ADA) aiming to solve scalability issues, Zilliqa (ZIL) that already solved scalability with Sharding and it is currently waiting for the main net release, and Stellar (XLM) which is one of the top gainers of 2018 within the top 20 list having over 600% of gains on YTD.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is said to never die as the oldest and the original cryptocurrency, so many are expecting to see it closer to 8,000$ by the end of December 2018.

And, NEO (NEO) is considered to have a major potential within its Dapp development platform, also having the potential of going beyond its current price of 16.10$ per one NEO unit.

And finally, ZCash (ZEC), as one of the greatest privacy currencies with over 13% of gains during the last week is said to be headed towards 150$ and beyond by the end of December 2018.

ZEC also makes up for one of the rare top currencies that are going up on November 10th despite the current negative market trends.

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