Bitcoin Cash’s Best Known Figures Disagree: The Coin Likely To Split Into Two Rival Chains

There’s an ongoing drama surrounding the soon-to-come Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork with Craig Wright on 8th November, referring to Roger Ver as his enemy.

Scheduled for 15th November, the hard fork will most likely see BCH split into two rival chains: Bitcoin Cash ABC which is favoured by Roger Ver, and Bitcoin Cash SV, authored by Wright’s nChain.

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This split comes due to a disagreement over the future of the coin between the Coin’s well-known figures, Wright and Ver as well as other figures attached to BCH. This issue, in recent weeks has gained public attention and keeps increasing by the day.

On Thursday, 8th November, Ver released a screenshot of an email he got from Wright in form of a video revealing what he feels about the hard fork.

In the email, Wright said that Ver “hates Bitcoin” and then described him as his “enemy,” and finally ended with a threat: “I AM Satoshi. Have a nice life. You will now discover me when pissed off.”

Though, Wright is yet to comment on the email’s validity, certain posts capturing the imagination of online commentators keeps coming from his Twitter account.

Ray [Redacted], the analyst summarizing his feud with Ver, revealed further accusations by Wright that both Ver and Jihan Wu (Bitmain CEO), who is also in support of ABC, were in support of child pornography and wanted to promote it.

On Thursday, Wright wrote on Twitter: “This is the ONLY real use case they have and it is not happening!”

As at press time yesterday, the anger was still on, with Wright describing on Twitter, his own BCH faction as “not tolerant” of alternative proposals: “ABC care about many coins and experiments. We (SV) care ONLY for the original version of Bitcoin. We are NOT tolerant. We will not capitulate. We will not surrender. We will not negotiate. We will not end.”

In the last 24 hours, BCH/USD has dropped more than any of the top ten altcoins, losing 4.8% and trading around $570.

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