Litecoin (LTC) Price Today: LTC Market Momentum

Litecoin (LTC) is the first hard fork to be derived from the main chain of the original crypto, Bitcoin (BTC).

That is how Litecoin is even popularly known as Bitcoin’s little brother, taking the spot among the top 5 top cryptos for a long time.

However, Litecoin has seen a major decline back in the second quarter of 2018 when EOS (EOS) surpassed it by its market cap.

Later on, Litecoin went through another decline touching new lows and leaving the ranking of the 6th largest crypto to Stellar (XLM).

Back in September LTC even went below the value of 50$, touching its all-time low since making it to its record price.

What is the price of Litecoin today and will the crypto get to see a rebound in the remaining months of 2018?

Litecoin Price Today: LTC Still Above 50$ despite the Returning Dips

Litecoin took a major dip back in February 2018, additionally declining once again in April after it had gone through a rebound to rise again.

Back in February LTC dropped from its all-time high of over 310$ to its new low of around 140$ per one LTC. That is how Litecoin lost over -85% of its value in the course of only three months.

Even though LTC took a spike only ten days after reaching a new low of 140$ and got back at the value of 220$ on February 15th, the crypto soon started to plummet once again.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD

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From the mid-February price of over 220$, Litecoin declined to 114$ in the first week of April, once again marking new lows and losing its spot of the fifth-largest currency.

Taking another rebound in the first days of May, Litecoin had another spike which brought it to the value of over 160$ per one LTC.

However, from that point on, Litecoin only kept going down in its price.

That is how LTC even touched the value of 47$ back in September, marking it an all-time low of 2018 for once one of the top 5 cryptos.

Can Litecoin Go Through a Serious Rebound by the End of 2018?

Litecoin is in the red on its YTD chart, going down by -17%. However, LTC managed to collect at least 1% of gains during the last week which was marked in gains and positive market trends.

LTC is still traded below 50$ per one unit, however, it seems that Litecoin finds it difficult to go above the price of 60$ potentially making room for 70$.

The last time Litecoin came near the value of 70$ was back in mid-September when LTC touched 68$ with a great potential of going over the initial goal of 70$.

But, LTC dropped once again, touching new lows and having a hard time with keeping the value above 60$ per one Litecoin unit.

The adoption of Litecoin might as well go through a major recollection where many people might decide to invest in LTC again (or for the first time) given the fact that you can now send and receive payments via Facebook Messenger.


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