Safe and Instant Communication Simplified with Blockchain

Blockchain industry is booming within a constant application of this innovative technology based on decentralization on various projects and numerous industries.

That is how blockchain “easily” found its way in social networking, automotive industry, data, medical and even food industry.

Blockchain is also making communication a more instant, secure and safe medium of connecting people, brands and business and this is exactly where comes in as a perfect with.

With as a blockchain-based network that allows communication and more, you can now have your entire digital world available to you always in only several clicks. Allows Safe and Secure Communication

The primary perk of using is the fact that you have an easy access to a simple and easy to use application that allows you to communicate with brands and people who are a part of network.

Communication goes beyond text messaging, although sending messages is one of the available ways of communicating. With you can connect with your contacts via messaging, voice calls and voice messaging, video calls and even with sending suitable stickers.

There is a wide range of stickers and emoticons to help you express yourself, but is more than a messaging application with a sticker market.

Sylo is able to go beyond expected provided the fact that this network is entirely built on the blockchain.

That means that all your data and messages are secured and encrypted allowing you to communicate within a safe environment. Advocated for Safety and Security, All Powered with Blockchain

The fact that all your data, going through the network is exclusively encrypted and safe thanks to the power of blockchain technology defines

That way the possibility of going through data stealth and data leakage scenarios are hardly imaginable on as it can be the case with centralized networks of similar types.

Besides allowing its users to communicate in a safe and secure, blockchain encrypted environment where video calls and messages can be exchanged, offers more perks within its live application.

Pay with SYLO through a Single Application

Sylo is actually a network that enables interoperability between different functions of the application.

That is how you can also use SYLO currency in order to send payments with this application.

Invoicing is also enabled through messages, so you can easily request payments and pay for invoices in a single click.

Your transaction data is kept safe and is secured on the blockchain, while you have a clear insight into the transparency of your SYLO payments.

The entire application is operating within Sylo Protocol and each user is required to purchase SYLO units in order to gain access to the network and be able to use the application for safe communication and payments.

This way, as a user of, you are entitled with a unique opportunity to run your entire digital life through a single application that poses new ideals to the industry when it comes to the general security and safety of communication through blockchain.



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